Pirbright Barracks

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Trigz, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Could anyone tell me please what the barracks are like and in General the base is like compared to other basic training bases? I'm curious as I seemed to notice a lot of building work going on there when i went to selection which looks promising from my perspective. I start badic on May 26th. Thanks for any comments.
  2. ok. good facilities. roads for running and tabbing. Pool for swimming. Assault course for climbing and ranges for shooting and a parade square for marching and passing out on. Oh and a NAAFI for buying polish. Thats what I remember.

    P.S. Loads of near fields for exercising on.
  3. Great, that actually sounds like everything you need to exercise the soldier within lol.
  4. when were you last there Matilda?
  5. But I remember that washing (clothing) facilities were bonk.
  6. i went there last month. but did basic a few years back
  7. I would make you right on the showering facilites being "bonk" lol as at selectino we had 40 geezers getting ready -suited and booted- in 15 minutes with only 3 showers, you can imagine the hurry.
  8. The showers were fine. Just need to get organised -in and out in 5 minutes. Pardon the innuendo .
  9. The Sand hill's a lot of fun too. And the occasional insertion tab through deepcut village!

    T C
  10. I remember a guy almost going blind with dehydration on the sand banks.
  11. that sounds hardcore. can't wait lol ;)

    What exactly do you do on the sand banks?
  12. RUN, TAB and then RUN and TAB some more! Get all blistered, generally want to die... All fun stuff!

    Also heard a (tall?) tall tale of a fatty who died there. Supposedly the NCO I spoke to was there... Basically lad went down with heat exhaustion (Tabbing in 4 R can do that!) so they did the 1980's favourite and chucked a load of water on him! Body temp went from Hyper to Hypo in a flash and the poor guy had a Cardiac Arrest.

    But it might not be true... Still a lovely place for a CFT!

    T C
  13. think i read about that a few years ago in the sun, about some guy getting a beaasting.

    you'll have to relay to me pls mate what a Tabbing is? obv im gonna pick up the terms but guys like you are gonna give me a headstart. :)
  14. The accom is a shiite load better than those run down blocks we had in Woolwich.

    I remember walking into my new room in the regiment thinking I must of been put in the officers mess by accident.

    Ironically towards the end of my time we started getting lads in who would moan that their blocks in training were better than the ones they were supposed to live in, tell you the truth they weren't wrong
  15. Tabbing = Speed marching.

    Walking very fast with weight. In my opinion one of the best forms of exercise. About 55Ibs should sort the men from the boys.