Pirbright Aug 16th 07 (not F*cking likely!)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Yes, you sad freako

  2. No, Do your research young guns, then ask the question.

  1. I just thought I'd tell you all I WILL NOT be going to Pirbright any time in the future as I joined the Army a long time ago!
    Reason for the thread then I hear you ask?

    Because I am fed up seeing "I'm off to Pirbright/Lichfield/Where ever" and I'm wondering what to expect? Will my Training Cpl allow me to drive my Chav Fiat Punto around camp with my BOSE system playing louder than the speakers can handle? Do I need an Iron? Do I have to get my haircut as my moptop cost 12 quid? Ect Ect.

    Lads, if your joining a ATR good luck, it is the best move you have made during your otherwise meaningless life.
    The biggest skill you need to enhance is initiative, how about starting now by shifting through the thousands of basic Trg threads and get the advice from there if you cannot find the answer then post a thread and I'm sure us old and bold will help out alot more to a fully researced question, because I for one am fed up reading the same s h i t!

    Rant over, my coats on, and I'm off in my taxi.

    Am I alone in this?
  2. Not at all, I picked up on it last week. I would point people in the direction of the "search" button to the top right of the screen.
  3. why are you looking at the training wing section then you moron? obviously the army isn't serving you very well as your sounding like a grumpy old grandpa. One of the aims of this section is to provide help and informtaion to new/possible recruits if you don't like it look elsewhere.
  4. Or, alternatively, people could just click the search button at the top of the screen (go on... Yep, there it is!) and do a quick scan to see if the question they want to ask has already been asked and answered.

    Training Wing is here for general training queries i.e. Serving soldiers sometimes ask for directions to certain publications, or advice etc.

    If you have a recruiting question, there is actually a dedicated Recruiting forum, which can be found in the "Juniors" section.

    Best not to gob off yet, you're not even in the Army. Neither am I, but then I'm not gobbing off calling serving soldiers morons.
  5. Searching the forums is a skill, as is brown noseing. Only difference is that searching is useful on a forum, brown noseing just shows ignorance, by all means bend over and allow the vets to have their way with you but you dont need to tell us all that.

    Despite that comment I do agree with moon_monkey in a certain context, yes a thread labled 'do I need an iron' I would imagine could eb resolved without a new topic but alot of the threads on here are for social aspects like the name of this topic, if I dont like th ename of a topic, I dont open it, its not like these topics are hard to spot or anything... I think its good people posting topics like 'Pirbright Aug 16th 07' its nice that a few lads with something in common can have a chat about what their doing and hopefully make a few friends off the forums.
  6. So I'm brown nosing, purely for holding the same opinion as someone else who I am exceedingly unlikely to meet in any capacity in the future?

    My, you're a clever chap.

    If you had read his post, he says that what annoys him is people asking these kinds of questions, which you also admit to finding, if not annoying, then unnecessary. Which means, by your incredible logic, that you, too, are brown nosing. Congratulations.

    Now, perhaps a sensible conversation could ensue, if you read the initial post.
  7. I'm certainly not going to object to these kind of forum posts. The forum isn't going to get FULL, is it? Good lord! :p

    Besides this, it might be nice to discover that a fellow member of arrse will be joining you at your ATR. :)
  8. All i'm gonna say is it doesn't annoy me cause I could slightly be a culprit of it, and secondly, I think some people need a more general answer or a personally aimed answer to feel happy, Ie. someone actually telling them first hand what's what 8O
  9. And how would your massive build up of IQ piece together that I am the one brown noseing? 'Oh my oh my best get my browny points up with the vets, oh hail the serving soldier'.

    Yeah you can have an opinion but so to your master logic its ok to call a non serving soldier a moron? Only a problem because it was directed at a serving soldier?

    Perhaps you should also read the initial comment, there are much more subtle ways to put it rather than call anyone who makes/contributes to a thread like that some uneducated chav.
  10. Gedge, you're extremely sensitive for a prospective soldier - are you sure you're actually up to the challenge, considering the grief you will receive throughout training and even beyond?

    To my logic it's ok to call anyone a moron/idiot/cretin (my favourite is the latter), serving or not, if they ask a question which has been asked dozens of times before and can be located with a quick search.

    There are more subtle ways to put it than calling people "uneducated chavs", however, many of the uneducated chavs would then miss the point.

    Hope this helps. :)

    P.S. Thank you for allowing me to have an opinion - I do appreciate it. :twisted:
  11. My point being that not everyone who posts a thread like 'Pirbright Aug 16th 07' is an uneducated chav and im not talking about the stupid 'I aint got no iron m8?' im talking about the threads used for people to find others attending phase 1 at the same time as them as I think this is a good way of meeting new people.

    Heh as for the grieff through training and wether I can handle it, only 1 way to find out. Wether I get through or not, atleast iv pulled my finger out and am having a shot at it, if im back early I expect everyone to give me grieff for not making it but hell, would be nice to meet a few people on here that will be joining the same ATR at the same time as me.
  12. Its kids like this that drag the site down, very un-educated and presuming things when he has no idea who I am! Another Chav cnut joining the Army, one more for me to grind down until the tears flow :wink:

    I do agree with the point of lads and lasses posting in order to see if any other ARSSE member will be joining. This will, I'm sure, give them support knowing they have a cyber friend to relate too when they arrive at their ATR.
    I will stick to my guns on the fact I'm fed up hearing the same basic Trg question that comes up once a month and usually from somebody too lazy (Like no-posts raton-nig) to flick through the pages, Fellow members will help a lot more if the question is well thought out and not repeated constantly.

    Girls, no more flirting Pse, or go and get a room.
  13. FunnyMSM as I saw the thread and was in rant mode - you cnut, now all I can say is that you are right!

    I really detest those mindless, numb and waste of space threads....

    1991 there was no effin' internet and no human effin rights - you lot of friggin poofs!
  14. And I've just realised Raton-nig is trying to tell me the aim of the Trg wing, he's worked it out so fast (bless him) and he is now preaching the rules, well done considering you only joined the site last week!
  15. I don't mind people asking if other people are going to "Phase 1, Pirbright, 16/07/07" intake. But i do hate when some doesn't check if someone else had made thread about the same date before.

    I like using the rule search before you post.