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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by kirsty21, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Hi, Any one starting Basic on the 30th of Oct? Do you know if we get 3 days off after 5 weeks ? And for all those been through basic how bad is the food? Oh any one else joining Int also :D
  2. Didn't know they were at Pirbright, but okay. I'm sure you get a few days off after about 6 weeks, and the food at Pirbright is okay, if you like beans and sausages. But lots of it though!
  3. Which one are you in the photo?
  4. me left hand side brownish one with fringe, and ive been told pirbright for all the girlys basic cos we have weak backs!
  5. Fail. :roll: :roll:
  6. I though all that time on it would make it stronger!
  7. Think about it woman.
  8. Wow, your getting a top reception here, Kirsty! :lol:

    You get a "long weekend" at the end of Week 6, running like so: Thursday = visit to a unit in related to your field (i.e. you will visit an Int unit), then back to Pirbright. I think you set off home on Friday morning, expected to return afternoon/evening of the Monday. Of course, some lovely conditions apply, i think. :D
    That was what we were told at Selection recently, anyway.

    For everyone else, i looked into the phase 1 training and who goes where, came up with this site:
    Apparently, the majority of female recruits are trained at ATR Pirbright, irrespective of capbadge. 8O

    Best of luck, Kirsty!

    Editted to add that , as said below by Sorridstroker, you only get the weekend away if you pass. Friend of mine recently got his weekend off, he said everyone had to work really hard to get everything really clean and ready for inspection, and if you didn't pass, you didn't get the weekend.
  9. Think you only get the long weekend if you pass on inspection week (week 5).

    Good luck.
  10. OMG I hope I get pirbright, I ******* love sausages :twisted:
  11. Crazybrit, what are you joining, and are you a girl? :lol:
  12. UH? no... Well I put in for REME VM-B first... thats what I hope to get, RLC Air Despatch for second. I was talking to some bloke in the REME at London Soldier the other day down Chelsea, he was VM-B for 2 years now his going to go over to the AAC as an Air Tech. so thats sounds cool, I dont have the grades for Air Tech. right now, D's only :roll: I like the sounding of being posted to Belize as Air Tech. Um currently all paper work is done Im just working on getting my bodyweight down, been pounding the iron so my BMI is off the chart so then Ill do my 2 days at pirbright. What about you then? :D
  13. REME Air Tech mate. Sounds like a great choice, spanner waggling helicopters. Apparently, the chance for adventurous training is higher for Air Techs, but i don't know if that's true or not.
    I'm off Pirbright in April (an age away!) because there are so few spaces for Air Techs in training. Does mean i get to work really hard on my fitness so that phase 1 isn't such a task. :D
    Crazybrit, apparently all the REME train at Pirbright, as the URL above shows. :) Good for you, as you'll get to eat plenty of sausages! :D
  14. The Green Slime are at Pirbright ???