Pirbright 9th September

My medical just got sent off by the doctor today, I should be going to ATR Pirbright for REME training, So i'm hoping to join the 9th of september too.

Any idea's if i'll make it in for this slot? Or how long the army will take to get back to me on my medical results for the job interview?
ur looking at like 3-5weeks before u get a reply form the army doctors then u have 2 interviews (perhaps 1 after the other if ur sharp) so between maybe 1-2weeks then selection usually between 5days-2weeks... doubtful
I agree its unlikely, but I beg to differ on the medical time scale - I had an answer on mine in less than a week (about 3 days if I remember correctly). I think its down to how busy the docs are at the time, and how complicated your form is!
damn your lucky, mine wasnt complecated at all, never had any problems, still took 5weeks =/
I must admit, I was really suprised at the efficiency - I dropped the form in on the Thursday evening, and I think it was Wednesday the following week when I got my letter saying all was well, and please come in for an interview! I guess I can't count, and that makes it 4 days (ignoring the weekend!)!
I guess I wont be in there for 9th Sept, but it looks like they are recruiting at Pribright every month or so (Unless they don't through the Christmas period, though I would like to think they do.) So I guess I wont have to wait too long after the interveiws unless Vehicle Mechanic places arn't available until a later date. :)

And thanks for the replies!

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