pirbright 9th june

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hoof, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Anyone due to start basic on 9th june?
  2. Yes mate, cant wait.
    Ive had a look at a similier training schedule for the 14 weeks and looks good fun.

    What you joining? and when did you do selection?

    Im going in as a gunner - special observer.
  3. Im joining as a gunner also, going in as a uav operator. Did my selection on 8th and 9th of this month. Hows your training going, do you think your up to required levels?
    Iv seen the 14 week plan also, looks quality, excited and nervous though.
  4. Just missed you at selection then, i did mine on the 6th/7th.

    Fitness is in top shape and hopefully i wont get no injuries as thats what im worried about.

    The programme looks easier and more fun to last time i did it.

    Where you traveling from?
  5. Im going down then aswell gents.
  6. Hi stav,

    Theres 3 of us, yeah.

    I cant wait
    only 19 days to go.

    Where are you both from, im traveling from plymouth at 0655, and get there about 11.
    Anyone on that train from penzance to reading?
  7. Hows your fitness coming on? and how often do you train?
  8. I have seen the plan in the booklet for 12 weeks, Whats the difference between the 12 and 14 week course?
  9. Looks fun, Cant wait! im traveling from warwickshire, it will take me about 2 and a half hours.
  10. Im travelling down from north london, takes about 2 hours for me to get there. Been training almost every day since selection running and circuits. Need to improve my 1.5 time though, it was 11min 17sec at selection. hopefully ill be in the 11min mark by time i get there. Whats you times fellas?
  11. My average mile and half time is 9 minutes.

    I also train everyday, weight train and run just over 3 miles every other night.

    Dont forget rest days, as your body needs time to sort its self out.

    How far do you run? To train for the 1.5 mile run you need to run 3 miles(its what ive been told by the PTIs).
  12. i vary it really, sometimes 3miles 4 miles , or just the 1.5. I dont think id ever be able to get 9 min time, id be happy with getting under 11 for start of basic, and hopefully knock that down when im there. Hows your press ups and sit ups. im doin 72 in 2 min press up and 67 sit ups.
  13. You'll get it down mate, just keep pushing yourself.

    I haven't counted my pressups as i do weight training, but last time i checked it was something like 130 and situps are 1 per second so 120 in 2 minutes.

    The thing is, ive been training since november last year, and i really work hard with the weights on my arms and upper body.

    I aslo have to very fit as the course for the job im doing (Special Observer) is very pysical, so im training towards that aswell.

    All you can do mate, is try your best and keep pushing yourself everytime you work out, when you do pressups and you feel like you cant do anymore push yourself to do another 5 or even 10.
    Then that way next time you come to do them you can go a little further.
  14. Thats all i can do mate is keep pushing myself. When you travel down to pirbright , what are you going to turn up in. smart casual, or are you going suited and booted.