Pirbright 5th May??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by w.e.s.t, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Hey, just wanna hear who's off to Pirbright on the 5th of May and what cap badge everyones going for, I know a few people are so just wondering how everyones feeling?

    Personally I'm bricking it (which i expected), it's all i can think of atm but it's got worse because I picked up a knee injury and it's almost two weeks now :( . Aggravated it today running, was just getting better too!!

    I'm going for QA's btw.
  2. No one? Just me then? :? Typical :roll:
  3. PM'd you a while back, getting a bit close for comfort isn't it. Just the PT got me wound up, at least I know at the end of the 14 weeks I might possibly get back to the promised land (Germany!). Mind you, I've still got a fair amount of training to do after (I'm going AAC). Bricking myself and trying to get all my stuff ready for the day now, reading every thread there is on Arrse about Phase 1 at pirbright too!
  4. its ok dude im off to pirbright on the 26th of may......im on arrse atleast once a day to check the forums to see if their is any pirbright stuff...its fucked up i should be worrying less about what other people have to say and worry about getting fit..owell gym in the morning..
    good day sir
  5. Getting scarily close now.... :x :wink:

  6. Sure you got your dates right??

    Becuase 5th is a bank holiday, and to my previous knowledge. Half of the forces is off work that day unless your on duty.
  7. Thats right, took my Oath yesterday, in Pirbright next Monday (5th).Checked with ACIO yesterday. Anyone know if they have any problem with SuT's bing dropped off by car? Just had a lift offered instead of the train. Will ring tomorrow of course but still...?
  8. Your fine being dropped off by car, you just can't take your own "car, moterbike or bicycle" for at least the first 7 weeks... sorry for the delayed response hotshot, just been busy, you know.

    You got everything sorted? I got the last of my stuff ready today and did a final check, can't wait, really hope it all goes well.

    It's definately tomorrow got my tickets and i'm surprised that the trains are pretty decent (times and everything).

    Anyway, might see you there mate :D

  9. Here lads, hope it all goes well for you and realy hope you pass.

    I will be there the next day 6th, let me know how you get on, by posting it on here.
    Maybe we might get basic at the same time.
  10. See you all tomorrow, I'm aiming to get in early to get the lay of the land before the rabble arrive. Checked my kit 5 times so far.

    Speak to you soon W.e.s.t, and good luck.