Pirbright 30th July

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Sappi, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. I know this type of thread has been done to death but up till today i was under the impression that it would be lichfield i went to for basic but i just got the joining instructions throught and its sunny pirbright im off to in less than two weeks.

    So as expected i ask the question; Anyone else going on this date???

    And from those of your with years of experience behind you i ask, Whats pirbright like? facilities etc out of pure interest.


  2. a good steam iron, boot brushes, kiwi black shoe polish, proper razor and blades not disposables, a suit, you dont need loads of civvies as you dont wear them. good wooden hangars and trouser hangers, wash kit flip flops and an mp3 player, photos of home, and a few home comforts.
  3. Thanks mate.
  4. Yea im off on this date. This kit list is doing my head in. I just got a new saying i need to take swimming trunks(ball stranglers) and not swimming shorts. Is this true???

    I thought i would be at Litchfield too, probably because its signals there. Now im looking forward to those hills i keep hearing about.
  5. what are you boys joing?
  6. Sigs.

    Yep trunks not shorts.... just like you need 'breifs' instead of boxers for PT.
  7. Yea im joining sigs too (systems engineer tech)

    So we need briefs too?? Are they really that bothered about what underwear you have to wear?
  8. Well if you think about it from a hygiene point of veiw. Swimming pants as such keep everything held in place and also aid you in swimming as your body has less drag (produced by the extra material from the shorts). When it comes to sports i guess its for the same reason as well as if we turn and play rugby i dont really fancy going 2nd row or no.6 to anyone with baggy boxers on....
  9. I think some people might like it if you wear leopard pants, but that's just down to taste :twisted:
  10. I am not going to Pirbright on 30th July for two reasons:

    No1. Its my birthday on that day.

    No2. I have been in the army for fecking years!!

    Anyhow, good luck lads top move joining the Army regardless of Regiment or Corps. :twisted:
  11. If its in the spider rooms you'll have an awesome time. 24 bedders. Food is sh!t but thats all you'll be used to. At least you'll have decent weather down there. Is it Alexander barracks?
  12. passed out from pirbright on friday, good place. i think lichfield as a training regiment is closing down and moving to pirbright thats why pirbright is now training RE and signals recruits, you'll be put up in the fancy new blocks no doubt.
  13. All recruits going to pirbright instead of lichfield are going into the posh new blocks so your accomidation will be good. facilities arn't bad new scoff house which isn't far away from the blocks (foods sh1t tho), shop, WRVS, don't really need much else don't get alot of free time.
  14. Luis, sounds like a bone question but how was it?

    Im asking as someone who has no military experience and is less than a week from going.... any final tips?

    Thanks for the heads up and the comments they have really helped although i was always told not to have expectations of the place and training, just to go with an open mind.

    Thanks all.