Pirbright 30th July

Hi I'm starting my phase 1 at Pirbright on the 30th July and was wondering if anyone else is?

Also does anyone know what the facilities/barracks are like etc?

Thanks. :D


hopfully u wont be seeing the facilities etc and geting beasted likr=e the rest of us did in training fcuking crow!
Hey, im at Pirbright at the moment, just got my weekend release after 7 weeks. All i can say is, stand by! Ask someone what the "electric chair" is, and make sure you start running up hills, by hills i mean mountains, and by mountains i mean cliffs!

Only joking, good luck! Best advice i can give you? When you get there shut the f*ck up because nobody cares who you are, only what you are capable of. Also dont go t'shop or the WRVS because it is where the mongs go instead of administrating themselves. Be ridged and you'll do great. The time flies and the Staff are mint, i love it, might break my leg so i can stay longer!
Thanks for the advice, I can't wait to get there.
I've heard all about these hills, so I've been practising plenty but I can't say I'm looking forward to them!
i start phase 1 on the 23rd July. did my selection course there on the 16-17th April this year. the cpls were great, one got me in a spot of trouble with a female cpl whilst i was doing my run!
the mess is huge, and the grub was great. they were building more accomodation when i was there, should mostly be finished i expect.
anyone else going on that date and what corps they intend on joining?
cant wait for it!

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