pirbright 26th of may for basic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by johnboy1990, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. any one going to pirbright for basic training on the 26th of may.
    im joining the royal engineers to do joinery.
  2. Not me I'm afraid. Done my bit. I'll be stood on the side with the fat wheezy boys with a note from matron. Give my regards to the Sand Hill when you are struggling to run up it.

  3. also i have no idea why im going to pirbright.
    on my job brief form that says il be going to lichfield, but the sgt maj at the carreers office said pirbright, owell..
    see anyone whos going then there!
  4. come on got to be some people....like have i been put into one thats quite a while away because of the time of my phase 2...like do other applicants normaly get a quite recent date after there 2 day selection, or does it all depend on numbers for phase 2?
  5. bringing this back up since lots of people are talking about pirbright...atleast one person has to be joining round about my time, isnt their?
  6. aaaaagh pribright, did my basic there! 7 sisters, porrdge pot hill, concrete hill, sandy hill, love it!! whatever youdo, don;t eat the porridge, you'll find pubes in it!
  7. rick - you make it sound great! any other good advice you would be kind enough to share........I like porridge but the pubes dont sound good, has it ever been on master chef? also heard about this sand hill, whats the SP on it.
  8. you are going to Pirbright because Lichfield is closing down and because a 2nd ATR is being opened at Pirbright.

    I wouldnt worry about where you do your training, just concentrate on preparing properly for it ;)

    Fit club get through training without too much fuss, Fat club struggle and soon wished they had been in the fit club when they got there ;)
  9. ye im in the fit club, definatly getting fitter from my selection.
    iv managed to knock 30 sec's of it so im down to 9.35.

    Its not much but its an improvment. so is anyone going to pirbright orund about this time?
  10. onhey johnboy1990,

    just found this post and thought i would confirm that i am joinging pirbright on 26/05/08. joining the RCS.
  11. RCS? you mean Royal Corps of Signals you creature! :D

    RCS? we have never been called that, if anything we were always abbreviated (wrongly) to R Sigs ;)

    RCS pffft! :D
  12. awesome...iv always wondered, will i be doing basic like an sharing rooms an stuff with people who are joining different regiments?

    or will it be like r.e sharing an training together, and whatever other regiments go to pirbright?
  13. Your be sharing rooms with different cap badges and ofcourse training together, possibly showering together aswell :p
  14. showering you say, ow my i do declare.

    as the guy at my selection said, you dont have to worry about the guys knob standing beside you, you just need to worry if it gets hard.
  15. I'm going to pirbright at end of May haven't been given my exact date yet because i'm going in the nursing corps, they only take people on twice a year apparently but my careers officer assured me it will definately be around this time. I passed ADSC last week. I didn't know there would be lads at Pirbright we got told it's girls only at selection, they were obviously having us on, we must have looked like right idiots lol.