Pirbright 2020 sticky - all Pirbright chat in here

What regiment you hoping to join?
Well I was planning on joining the light dragoons ( which is cavalry )like my my father was but they put me down as tank crewman so I don’t know if I still can the careers office said yeah should be fine.
nice bud, when did you go the assessment centre ? I went in May and now got a feeling I may have to go back before they give me a new date, even though I was meant to start basic in March.
I went in At beginning of January and how come if you dont mind me asking? That’s weird but am sure you’ll get it sorted in no time.


Have anyone heard anything about people getting new Selection dates?
Some people got their new dates today, but it's all on availability because I think they are running basic training at reduced capacity. Have a look in your portal, I just logged in and it was there. If not, probably just a waiting game.
Got issued my new starting date of 14th June on Monday. I was meant to start at Pirbright on the 22nd of March. Going in as a Cyber Engineer with the Royal Signals,.


Any ideas to change up work outs, feels like doing the same thing over and over any ideas to fresh them up?

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