Pirbright 1986 Coldstream Guards JL

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 247orbital, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Anyone remember around this time a lance sergent called Ranger? I was with the Junior Parachute company and remember him being less than friendly to a certain Richard Stokes, the first black guardsman I believe. I heard years later he left the army and ended up a cop in Los Angeles?
  2. Ranger was no way a Lsgt he was a Lcpl , He was my barrack room instructor previous to Stokes and he was nothing more than a cockney big time racist homophobic bully who was well into nazi stuff I remember his bunk being decked out in nazi regalia ans SS posters so when we heard he was going to be the first black guardsmans instructor Stokes had our sympathies. After 11months of this twat I was involved in an incident with another recruit and Ranger tried to calm me down, I snapped and threw Ranger across the room, luckily I had a very good Plt Sgt who knew what he was like and sorted things out for me.Ranger is now high up in the Berkshire fire service no doubt he is still a bully.
  3. I'm sure that over 6 years later 247orbital is glad you answered.
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