pirbright 16th july!

hi, i start my basic trainning on the 16th july, is anyone else going to pirbright on the same date?
I'll be there not long after you.

Does anyone know the score with skydiving or scuba diving around the Pirbright or Larkhill areas? It's just as I hail from the other end of this fare island, going home on the long weekends wouldn't be worthwhile.
Wolf: Larkhill area - you can skydive at Netheravon (10 minutes across Salisbury Plain) Joint Services Parachute School (or something like that). You get discounted military rates too I think. Don't know about Pirbright, its not a million miles from Larkhill/Netheravon anyway, but then I don't know if you get that many weekends off!

There are bound to be Scuba diving clubs at both location as well.
Cheers django_strikes. Even if I can just get a couple jumps or dives in it'll be good for maintaining skills.

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