pirbright 16th july!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by clarkemc, May 1, 2007.

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  1. hi, i start my basic trainning on the 16th july, is anyone else going to pirbright on the same date?
  2. hi, could anyone tell me whether i should take alot of civi clothes, because you don't get issued you'r kit for a few day's do you?
  3. you get issued your kit on the second day and u only need civvies for when u go to belgium just before your long weekend then u can bring more civvies back after for adventurious training
  4. OH COME ON..

  5. im startin on tht date anall was suppose to be goin to lichfield but am goin pirbright now.
  6. are you joining the royal signals?
  7. ii mate i am
  8. have u gt bebo????
  9. nor got msn m8 if u wana add us jus pm me
  10. Now then fellas, i'll be trotting off down to Pirbright on 11th of June so looks like il be seeing you lads later on. Good luck
  11. yer probaly see you there, good luck to you aswell.
  12. no one else going to pirbright then?
  13. ???????
  14. i might be going on that date too :eek: haha

    but joining the REME :)

    gotta go my ACIO tomorrow to confirm it and shizzle :)
  15. kwl let us know what they say