Pirbright 16th April??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jamie998, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. I know people probably get sick of these kind of threads but im gonna start one anyway......is anyone going to pribright for basic training 16th April?.,....be good to know a few people before i get there!!
  2. Maybe there should be a Basic Training Forum?

    Or even a Start date thread!

    Just a thought!
  3. yep i start 16th april, joining the royal artillery you?
    also when did u go to selection? january 18th/19th?
  4. RLC ammo tech.....did selection just before christmas....had to wait for a vacency!
  5. Luis im joining on that date, RA too, whats your specialisation? Im going in as a light gunner. Chances are ll be in your Platoon, ill be the one with the huge penis.
  6. im going for artillery command systems
    i think theres only 2 RA platoons at Pirbright so yeah.
    ill be the mixed race lad that comes last in all the runs lol
  7. Im starting on this date. RLC Ammo tech.
  9. im going to pirbright on the 16th of april for my selection
  10. Good luck clarkemc, any questions? Sh1t boys im getting nervous now, 2 days and a wake up to go! I'm taking the time to be as lazy as possible.
  11. Im going to pirbright on the 30th!! xx
  12. Lady D, at selection, how the fcuk do you girls manage not to pi$$ all over your hands when doing the urine sample in those little tubes?
  13. Do you really think they stand up next to the urinal ?
  14. :wink: I can always hope. Even sitting down though, surely there are logistical issues.
  15. Haha!! Well its to do with skill lol we tend to usally stand coz thats one thing we dont want to do is pee all over are selfs! x ha ha i dunno