Pirbright 10th march

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by prince06, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Is anyone going to pirbright on 10th march 08.
  2. Going a week later on 17th, anyone else going?
    What you going in as?
  3. Cool, going in RA on light gun. u ?
  4. Going Reme, Vehicle Mechanic.
    You ready for it yet?
  5. do some training one day and feel ready do the same the next day and feel no where near ready, hopefully I'll put some hard graft and get through phase 1. U readt bud ?
  6. Leaving for Pirbright in the morning! Cant wait to finally get there. Im going Royal Signals as Electronic Warefare Systems Operator

    See you boys in few weeks all being well
  7. Good Luck, the ranges there are excellent!
  8. Hi
    I'm going Pirbright 10th march as REME VM just over a week to go now!!
  9. Lucky buggers........Have fun!!
  10. im going to pirbright on 11'th march
  11. Im going on the 24th March RA Light gun. So prince06 might bump into you.
  12. Hopefully bud that wud be cool.
  13. hi guys leaving for perbrite 3rd at 6 30 am any 1 coming from suffolk look forward to meeting you tommorow pelase reply
  14. You guys going on to light gun, good luck be confident and positive, and you'll love it, try going for 7 Para RHA
  15. any 1 going to perbrite tommorow 3rd march ???