Pirbright 1.5

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lockedandloaded, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Hey every1, got selection @ Pirbright on July 11th, just wondered if anyone knows what the 1.5 mile run route is like? Any hills etc. cheers :D
  2. Hmm, if its the same route (i assume it is) that i did in may then there is a slight slope in areas but nothing major. The route i took, was, start at the rugby posts, approximatly 200 metres? of grass? then its basically it was road from there on out, you make a circuit around part of the grounds twice then on the second leg you turn back onto the grass and the finish line is the rugby posts.

    Oh and there will be plenty of people standing at certian points to A make sure you don't get lost/go off route and B to give you words of 'encouragment'

    i would recommend doing some training on hills anyway since its good to vary the terrain you train on.

    good luck
  3. Train, and it'll be easy, dont train, and you'll suffer. Dont just run 1.5 miles to train, run 2.5 to 3 or more - do this and you'll be able to "sprint" the whole thing.

    There is a slight pimple on the earth that some people might call a "hill" - it really is little more than an extended speed bump, and it goes down as well so you can roll down that if it hurt too much going up ;)

    If you are worried about running up inclines best advice is go and run up some, proper hills (or as proper as you can find depending on where you live).

    Anyway good luck on your run, just be careful of marching squads of recruits, they're a bit indecisive of which side of the road to stand on!
  4. Its not such a hard course and theres plenty of encouragement from people around the camp. 10 minutes of max effort isn't so much to ask for! And you did the same course as me cid.
  5. i did selection there in april and there was'nt any hills, on a part of the route there is a slight down hil which helps a little.
  6. wicked cheers :D
  7. I did my 1.5 around the running track at Pirbright!
  8. I did my 1.5 around the running track at Pirbright!
  9. Sound advice from confused muppet. Never be happy doing just 1.5 miles. Train for at least double that. Get in some hills and recovery training too.

    Good luck
  10. The Glencorse 1 1/2 miler was just in a straight line straight line straight one way then right back the other way
  11. when i did it first time round back three years ago at pirbright the track .. both road and running track was frozen over so we had to run the bleep test in the sports hall instead.

    2nd time round we had to do it on the road and it wasn't that bad... I remember hearing dogs barking which may indicate the course is around the dog kennels?????

    my 3rd time is in 2 weeks (25th july) to run it yet again ... i have not ever failed the run. I failed the maths test first time around at RSC and then failed nothing the second time around. Just was told to reapply for a more "challenging job" after finishing year 2 of college.
  12. Frankie what course did ya do? I'm doing Public Services. My mate wanted to be a Rapier Gunner but he got 8 mins on the run so had to go Airborne ;)
  13. I was about to mention that why make you do a complex run when you could just do 6 laps of the track
  14. It's because you'll fly round the track in no time because it's level and you can see exactly how much you have left to do, the complex course on the other hand will provide a bit of a "challenge".