Pirates seize cruise missiles...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by InspectorDiver, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. They THREW an RPG at the ship?

  2. Why are we capturing the fucking dirty scumbags? They should be sent to the bottom of the ocean. Fucking Muslim Somalian scum.
  3. The usual accurate Sun reporting, I wonder what the "Cruise Missiles" will turn out to be.
  4. Hopefully cruise missiles that they will probably be unable to use and not RPGs!

  5. saw that bit myself when I read it this morning, maybe they didnt have the launcher with them at the time :p
  6. FJ I totally agree

  7. My bold - Basically any Somailian in a boat
  8. Task a real cruise missile and blow the mother away !
  9. Seconded. Fcuk the Jolly Roger - it's time we hoisted the Black Flags! :twisted:
  10. Time for the Royal Navy to invest in Q-Ships again?


    I'm thinking an old looking freighter design (obviously a new build though) with plenty of armour for the crew (as it will get close and dirty) lots of bouyancy inthe hull (just like the old ones) and plenty of drop down hatches and what not.

    You could imagine the pirates faces as they wave their AKs about, then they see the Red Duster replaced with the Ensign, just as several Vulcan gatlings rip in to their boat :D

    For future proofing, a few hidden GAU-88s and a 105mm light gun or several. A few Milans or similar would complete the mix.

    And a boarding party.

    The only other alternative, is we put Royal Navy/Royal Marine partys on British Registered freighters, complete with a few GPMG or miniguns to clamp on to the side as needed.
  11. If they are indeed short and medium range Cruise Missiles, the real danger is not the Skinnies using them - it's who they sell them on to.

    I venture to suggest that Al Queda will have both the money and people with the skills to use Cruise Missile's.
  12. With all the millions they've accrued in ransoms, the pirate snakeheads can probably buy bootleg weapons, including cruise missiles, any day they like. As long as they keep getting paid, they'll keep sending their minions to hijack ships no matter what the risks.
  13. And what to do about a crew dear boy, where will we find some Matelots who have the balls to pull a trigger instead of standing off with bino's or crying about a lost ipod?
  14. Gentlemen,

    It's not the capablity or incapablity of the skinnies to use said missiles, but the impact on the cost of Shipping insurance and the knock on costs that said Insurers lump on.

    The current danger zone is about 500nm out from the coast line. Watch as insurers insist that ALL merchant shipping heads straight out from the Red Sea for 1,000nm before heading west. That's an extra 3 days or so heading the wrong way before they turn west.

    The $120-million oil tanker Sirius Star carrying over $100 million worth of cargo currently requires a $2.2 million insurance premiums for specialty piracy insurance. How much is that going to go up by?
  15. Gads, you are correct, sir.

    We'll get Sport and Pastime to crew them, and use some Infantry/arty/rac lads to man the guns.

    If the job is worth doing well... we'll get the professionals in.