Pirates Mk III

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tool, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Sorry if it's been done, but a quick search showed nowt...

    Pirates hit navy ship "in error"

    Basically, pirates off the Horn of Africa sidled up to a "merchant" ship, only to find it was a French Navy supply vessel. 5 nasty men captured and kept on board (no, I don't know how many iPod's were captured...)
  2. Take it the pirates didn't have ship recognition posters on board then.
  3. It must be time to use 'Q' ships to sort these Pugwashi-types out once and for all?
  4. Not the first time its happened either the Deutsche Marine had one of there auxiliary oilers attacked that was seen off with some nice MG3 fire!
  5. It is a complete joke that Pirates are not just sunk on sight. These five will be released and at it again next week.
  6. I think that releasing them is fine, they should perhaps just consider doing it about 10 miles from shore. After all they are pirates, walking the plank must be part of the job description.
  7. Just about to post this myself. I was more surprised the french did not surrender or is that just their land forces that bend over?
    Maybe they should brand them with a P like they used to, would make it easier to identify them when captured again?
  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Would it be un-PC to mention their lack of swimming ability?
  9. That's ok they could suffice as floating targets once they have ingested their own body weight of saline
  10. Bad drill on the Frogs - chase them and kill them!
  11. International efforts to counter piracy are suceeding - this (and lots else) is disccused here.

    Also: Piracy decline a fact - Washington Times

    A year after Somali pirates grabbed headlines with a series of high-profile hijackings in East African waters, piracy appears to be waning. In the past three months, there has been just one successful hijacking in the Somali Basin, a swath of ocean stretching from the Gulf of Aden into the Indian Ocean that is criss-crossed by tens of thousands of commercial vessels each month. There were 17 hijackings In the comparable period last year.

    "It's a fact," Royal Navy Commodore Steve Chick said of piracy's decline. Commodore Chick heads a force of five NATO warships, including the Donald Cook, a Virginia-based U.S. Navy destroyer that deployed to Africa in July for six months.

    In an interview Sept. 24, Commodore Chick cited better ship self-protection, effective military patrols and improved security on land in Somalia as the major reasons driving down hijackings.

    He said merchant crews are taking better self-protection measures, including sailing faster and stringing barbed wire on their ships' railings to thwart boarders. Many merchant ships also use fire hoses to blast pirates off their ladders during any attempted hijacking. The U.S. Coast Guard regularly publishes the latest methods for merchant ship self-defense.

    Commodore Chick also said military vessels sent by many nations to battle piracy are doing a better job working together. After a year of buildup, about 40 warships from more than a dozen nations are patrolling the Somali Basin. Most of them belong to three large flotillas - one each from NATO, the European Union and the U.S.-led Combined Task Force 151.

    More on anti piracy ops here.

    On the MOD and RN websites (and a few media ones)there is footage of various captured drug boats and pirate skiffs etc being engaged by gunfire - GPMG, Mingun, 20 and 30mm, .50 Cal and now 4.5 inch. This has got to be a deterrent. I remember seeing a programme on BBC2 anout the US investigation into the East Africa bombings, and one FBI (I think) investigator related how a would be suicide bomber was deterred by strong embassy security as (in his mind) an attack against this level of defence would simply be suicide, with little chance of a sucessful attack. The level of close range firepower aboard surface warships now, and RFAs, and the escorting by naval units of high value seaborne logistics, should be a deterrent to potential terrorists.
  12. The pirates get handed over to the Kenyans for prosecution IIRC. But plank walking is probably the best option.

    It was a French Navy tanker to be fair, but the fact it's painted grey and had men in uniform cutting about should have given it away.

    (also is it just me that chuckles every time a serious article has the word skiff in it?)
  13. A little like my ranges post recently, but don't boats have yardarms and rope for disciplinary purposes anymore?
  14. American forces under the command of a non-American officer? Has that ever happened before?
  15. Battle of the Bulge....