Pirates Can Claim UK Asylum

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. What the fuck? The mind really does boggle. Is this really how low we have sunk? Christ I'm depressed.
  2. Can Blind Pugh come ashore as well ?
  3. And Ben Gunn - say's he.
  4. I was going to see what the Rum Ration mob made of this latest edict but apparently the site is down. Probably overloaded by the mass outbreak of outrage and shame.

    Are you kidding, physically disabled and visually impaired? The government would probably put on special services and advisors just to make it easier and more accessible for him.
  5. Has anyone actually looked at the 'Human Rights' document or do we just obey by default whenever someone mentions it?

    If it is such a powerful document, I'm pretty sure we can use it to our own advantage whenever some skip licking, low life lawyer dares to mention it?

    Sorry to sound so obvious and all that but the cliche of what is good for the goose is good for the gander must apply at all times.
  6. Boll0cks. We should bring back the right for officers of the RN to summarily hang them!

    Once again the French have made us look a bunch of pussies.
  7. Not all. It doesn't apply to decent upstanding citizens with a sense of duty and morals.
  8. Brick,

    More especially if he was blind in one eye and had a hook on one hand.

    Well spotted.
  9. because the british empire never employed pirates to hassle the spanish and lord drake was an earnest sailor yeah

    different times different policies i suppose
  10. Regradless, if you can prove you're a human, you are covered by said article. We often retreat beneath a rock when the document is used as a defence against darwinism but if read properly, it can be used in your favour.
  11. Depressing.

    I wish some scientist would clone Palmerston or someone like that.
  12. So using Flashy's logic (with whom I agree with, use the document for your own purpose) the answer is really very simple.

    You can't keep em, you can't return em, so Kill the Fcukers or just do what we Brits did in the 19th century cast them adrift.
  13. How can the French, who I presume are covered by the same type of European legislation, perform their duty but the Royal Navy cannot?

    When did we all become so pussy-whipped by shoddy legislation, third-rate, corrupt politicians and bleeding-heart Stalinist lawyers that we stopped being a sovereign nation?
  14. Because we're beholden to the Human Rights Act which has spawned a lucrative industry all of it's own, not for the benefit of Bliar and his cronies honest, we're the only silly feckers in Europe who follow it to the detrement of our decent, law abidding, citizens. :x

    As one scrote, recently released from prison and being transported to the custody unit, once proclaimed to me and my oppo.

    "The Human Rights Act is great for us criminals"

    I thought my mate was going to chin him in the back of the panda.