Pirates attack German Navy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tangosix, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Should have just sunk them
  2. Where's the Bismarck when you need it?
  3. Good point: Why are we f***ing about with Pirates? Why don't we do what was done in the past when we caught them? String 'em up.

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  4. The enemy of my enemy is my friend............ 8)
  5. Damn, for a second I thought we might have a New Kapitain Topp taking the war to the Pirates, with good old German efficiency
  6. Presumably if that fails they'll be illegally prosecuted.
  7. What ever happened to blowing the buggers out of the water?

    or is that Politicaly Correct way of dealing with pirates anymore :roll:
  8. Good job there were none of those damned spitfires around eh chaps?
  9. I liked this bit

    "The German sailors returned fire and pursued the skiff while also calling in for support. Several naval ships — including a Greek and a Dutch frigate, a Spanish warship and the USS Boxer — sped to the area while a Spanish marine aircraft and two U.S. Marine Cobra helicopters joined the pursuit."

    Bit off more than they could chew, springs to mind :)
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    All that, just because of one skiff . . . . .

  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Utterly wet not to sink the thing out of hand. The the Germans in accordance with their particular naval traditions could have machine-gunned the pirates in the water ..
  12. The Spessart is listed as an Oiler/Supply ship with no weapons fit, so presumably only small arms. Think that may change and PDQ.
  13. Why weren't the AH battering the pirates with the cannon and rockets? I wish we'd all stop f-ing around and start to kill the necky gits. Maybe then the word would get round?