Pirate Hunting

Could well be true. I recall a total throbber boasting how he could travel to Cambodia to shoot death row prisoners. Not very green considering he could just slot hookers in the south east of Engand.
im sure i can smell some horse shit there and i've had a few beers tonight so thats some potent shit!
I've let it run for a page, it's nice to dream.

Originally of Austrian source, the news channel that first published it claims they've been fitted up and that none of the mentions within it exist. Shame really, but 'Private Eye' published it in the UK a fortnight ago, once it hit English language it went round the block faster than a fast thing.

Still nice to dream, though, and it plainly hit a chord. MK
This is similar to the tales of people hunting holidays in Bosnia a few years back, turned out to be a similar sort of b0llocks.
And don't forget street kid shooting in Brazil

Oh and the South African...'Safaris' of old (The South African police got caught a few years ago trying to revise that tradition)

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