Pirate/High Seas films

What are the classic pirate or other 19th century naval action films? I can't name very many with good broadsiding and swushbuckling.

Master and Commander is fantastic despite the mix of bits from different books.
POC part 1 is great, Depp is good but Geoffrey Rush gets my vote for true pirating in parts 1 and 3.
Pirates by Polanski - Classic!

Yaaaaar :rambo:
Treasure Island (until Robert Newton, no-one spoke like the Pirates they aaaaare)
The Black Swan
The Pirate
Caribbean thingies
Crimson Pirate

Damn the Defiant
Carry on Jack
Mutiny on the Buses (shurely 'Bounty' - the Charles Laughton version)
Captain Horatio Hornblower (edited to add - the Gregory Peck film)


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Captain Blood - 1930's sometime With flynn
The Pirates of Penzance................. well somebody had to proffer it
Here's a 'classic' for all you eye-patch wearing geeks.. " Cutthroat Island"
star vehicle for Geena Davis!! directed by her then-squeeze, Renny Harlin, [ think it was after she did Earth Girls Are Easy with then-hubby Jeff Goldblum ] and filmed off Malta and Thailand..

One of Hollywood's great flops went way over budget and bankrupted Carolco Films [ of Total Recall and Basic Instinct fame ]

Someone should have suspected there might have been a problem when they couldn't cast the male lead: Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson, Michael Douglas and even Keanu Reeves, FFS, turned it down..fell to Matthew Modine and we all know where his career is... bloated Canuck second banana, Maury Chaykin stepped in to fill Oliver Reed's seven league boots when the great Oliver turned up drunk for filming [ what else was new? ]..

still, I enjoyed it.. Go figure...
OldSnowy said:
A special one for Actin PM, Lord Fondlebum of Boys
you must be a closet fan of S. Clay Wilson of the old Zap Comix:
Captain Pissgums and His Pervert Pirates

ticked every box on the offensive chart with barely a panel that could be reproduced in a family book... [ oh those crazy '60's.. ]
This far..... and not a mention of 'Captain Pugwash'. I'm ashamed to be British, Geena fcuking Davis my ass
Naval - 'John Paul Jones' (1959) with Robert Stack and directed by Mia Farrow's dad, John


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are they going to make another master and commander film or what? I didnt think it was going to be my cup of tea initially, but I thought it was superb - seeing it on the big screen was amazing, I thought it really captured the atmosphere of what it must have been like on those ships. the blu ray is worth a look too.


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Alec_Lomas said:
This far..... and not a mention of 'Captain Pugwash'. I'm ashamed to be British, Geena fcuking Davis my ass
I thought you said 'geena davis fcuking my ass' then.

I thought 'lucky b@stard'. :oops:
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