PIRA Weapons U-turn

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archimedes, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. So what's the next step in dealing with the IRA ?
  2. I bet "our amazing" PM thinks this is a great victory!
  3. :D I wonder how El Presidente will manage to spin his way out of this one?
  4. Their timing has been, as far as they are concerned, superb. Election coming up and Bliar will be forced into another compromise to appease the cnuts, iot keep the process ticking along.

    How many times do we have to listen to the patent lies that Adams et al spout forth; they still mainain and fund a terrorist organisation that is not committed to peace. It is still plausible that they could return to a fresh campaign of atrocity in the future - probably not in the short term, but they must have completed some contingency planning for it - why maintain an armoury, train and recce tgts otherwise?

    A lose, lose situation for Bliar.
  5. Edited by me
    No better time to do it than whilst we are on over-stretch with the Middle East. My view is let them sort it out amongst themselves - Nationalists to Loyalists. The whole island is not worth spending any of our money and, certainly, not worth even risking any lives
  6. How does this make the FAS look now? 10,000 spare troops? :roll:

    They were always going to play this card, it was just a matter when.

    That about sums it up.
  7. Feck - hope it doesn't cause TCH to u turn with redundancies (only the vol ones naturally)!
  8. My Government welcomes this tremendous development in bridging the gap between the communities in Northern Ireland. People, who used to want to kill each other have recognised that they can indeed posess weapons simply for protection.

    I am delighted to announce that in order to harmonise Northern Ireland with that other bastion of all things good that I have personally overseen, Iraq, from today every home in Northern Ireland shall be permitted to own one Kalashnikov, or similar weapon.

    We await the outcome of any future talks aimed at further normalizing the province with eager anticipation. This is a great day fo democracy!

    Or words to that effect... to be delivered soon by Bliar.
  9. In Summary,

    Thugs and murderers on both sides and a complete Clown as PM :evil:
  10. And this comes as a surprise to? ...... :? Oh yeah that t**t Bliar
  11. Its a fair one really, now that they have been fingered for the bank robbery and most of the currency is going to be changed, they need the guns to get themselves a nice little nest egg for their alledged 'retirement'.

    A slight plus to this situation, it makes BLIAR and TCH look like the tw@ts that they are !
  12. Adams-Lying Cnut
    McGuinnes-Lying Cnut
    Paisley-lying Cnut
    Blair-Lying Cnut

    where will it end all sides are just playing the people on both sides for their own gains
  13. I don't think you can call Paisley a lying cnut, I suspect he's far too religious for that.

    "Evil minded, God-bothering, bigoted old cnut" would be more appropriate.
  14. I went to RAF Bellykelly in 69 as spearhead deployment. I did 7 ? emergency tours and spent my last 4.5 years in N.I. finishing my time out at Shackelton Brks in 1990.
    My father side was Catholic, mother CofE, 69 I had strong sympathy for the abuse of Catholic minority.
    By 90 I would have hung any N.I. politiant and burned alive any gunman either side.
    The Brits never learn. One day all the Paddys will have to live together and sort out their own sh1t.
    It took years for the Republic to get it through their skull that 'IRA" was not for a Democratic Ireland.
    Blur Help me Buddha, They have their sh1ts and we have ours.