PIRA threat to shot McCarthy killers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_AB, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. PIRA stated that they were prepared to slot McCarthy's murderers. Nowt like a fair trial eh?

    Just as well that they didn't decommission then eh?......or they would have to stab them to death.

    Novel approach to justice all the same.........hopefully it'll catch on.
  2. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/050308/325/fdy4i.html

    i thought it was very kind of them! as we all know they are Catholics so they must have been reading the bit that said "EYE FOR AN EYE". Must have skipped over the two wrongs thingy!

  3. Hmmmm......not altogether sure about that part. Sinn Féin/PIRA are driven by a strand of Marxist ideology - they aim for a 32 county socialist Irish republic. That said, they'll drape themselves in rosaries if there is any publicity in it, but religious they most certainly are not - their only god is republicanism.
  4. Well that's what Catholics always think don't they. Not that something's wrong so don't do it, but it's wrong, do it anyway and pray for forgivness afterwards. A few 'Hail Marys' and everything's fine :?
  5. And you know this because...? Nothing like an inaccurate, blinkered sweeping statement to set the Bigot-o-meter buzzing.
  6. Okay, agreed. Bad use of a sweeping statement......

    Delete "Well that's what Catholics always think don't they"

    Insert "Well that's the attitude of 99% of the catholics I know."
  7. I thought the Marxist wing of the IRA died with the Worker's Party and Official IRA back in the seventies?
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    That's right.
    Not forgetting the other gem, "there is NO link between Sinn Fein and PIRA."
  9. Sorry but watching the oik from Sien Fien on C4 News this evening, he and no doubt the whole of the IRA/S.F organisation filaed to dismiss or even comdem the statement "We will Kill them if asked by the dead mans family".

    As another poster wrote "It's good that they didn't Disarm then"

    Fcuk them. anyone who works for, and lets all agree that Adams et al do, the IRA should be held accountable.

  10. Y'ever want an exercise in logistics watch the PIRA and co during one of their "festivals".

    Who else could get "Boston Irish", Palestinians and Native American Rights activists on the same podium on the same day without bloodshed?

  11. GG, please don't think that the majority of Irish Republicans identify with the 'RA scum in the North. Their leaders' only god is power and money, and dirty money at that. ( and power that comes from the threat of violence.)

    The Easter Uprising and NICRA's stand for universal sufferage in 1969 can not be compared in any way to the PIRA and their fellow travellers work at La Mon, Omagh, Warrington and May Street last week. :cry:

    In the island of Ireland the majority of republicans prefer the rule of law to the rule of the bomb and the gun.
  12. Well there's a big old fat chance of that.

    This is the PIRA calling the sister's McCartney's bluff, and sticking 2 fingers up at PSNI and the British Governement.

    "We are not going to turn them over, and we're going to make this statement, so you good god-fearing Catholic women will be fristrated in your quest for justice"

    Adams and McGuiness ,and the 'non-existent Army council' I hope you burn in hell. Ditto Blair for not having the guts to force PIRA's hand.

    In fact, I hope there is a real Republican out there , with an AK close to hand and dark justice in his heart.

    Which other politician in mainland UK , could conceal information regarding kidnap and robbery , murder and extortion, and simply have his expense claims suspended?
  13. One that claimed with a degree of credidibility that if anything is done about it he'll start blowing up and shooting voters?
  14. Just remember who can play the 'long game'.

    The Brits - Continual forces tied up in the Province. Continual pressure to remove these forces and dismantal the 'occupying forces'. The financial and political penalty.

    The IRA/Sinn Fein - Boyos lay off the 'campaign' for a while (1, 5, 10 years). Gerry and co get feet well and truly under the table. Boyos get back to 'normal' work, earn money, pay off mortgages, wait for the military to reduce. Place arms caches into 'pres', background activity, admin, training. Wait.

    I personally believe that incidents that have occured over the past few months (£21 million anyone?) are very good target indicators to the oncoming 'campaign'. Give it a few years and I'm pretty sure that we may well see a 'bit of a do' in the Emerald toilet. The IRA/Sinn Fein seemed to have 'given up' a bit too easily for my liking. Knowing some of these characters quite well over the years, they are not the sort to roll over like a poodle and ask for their balls to be scratched.

    Answer me this.....


    BTW. Religion is a red herring. The Catholic angle has been an excuse since about 1976. And most have fallen for that.
  15. I'm all for a United Ireland...... Invade the south! :wink: