PIRA still active, and discuss disbanding!

See news link below for the story. It should really come as no suprise to anyone that this has been declared. The reason that the NIA is currently dissolved is due to overwhelming evidence of Republican espionage in Stormont.

What makes me laugh, is that the Republican leadership honestly believe that they can pull the wool over the governemnts/British publics eyes by declaring that the PIRA are debating the disbanding of the organisation. I can just imagine the scenario

"Ok, next topic on the agenda, should we, the Provisional Irish Republican Army, disband and commit ourselves 100% to a peaceful, democratic, political solution to the NI question?"

"Thats a unanimous no then. Right moving on, any other points for the good and benefit of the organisation?"

The new NI Secretary, Peter Hain, has said that he will consider the IMC report carefully. And then probably dismiss it totally and still bend over backwards to appease the Republicans.

What the Government have to realise, is that until the Republican movement find another way to intimidate and hold to ransom the local population whom they are supposed to represent, there is not a snowflake in hells chance of the PIRA disbanding or decommisioning. They need that intimidation to maintain their perverse position in society. Without they are nothing. Ask the McCartney sisters.

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