Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Oct 10, 2004.

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  1. http://observer.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,6903,1323946,00.html

    No, I'm sorry, but words fail at this juncture. I just wonder whether they've minted silver special ones for the gallant lads who planted the under-car booby-traps.
  2. To steal form another user the only fitting quote i know that would sum this up.......
  3. Reunions huh? All the boyos gathered in a bunch for a drink and a bit of 'war' story telling huh? Maybe they would like to remember the old times from their victims point of view and we can blow the f**king lot off the face of their green little island.

    I know it'll never happen, but the thought makes me smile :wink:
  4. You may be onto something there :twisted:
  5. Rather they get medals and remember old times; than stick a VBIED under my wagon.
  6. But that's exactly what they'll do with a few beers in them and the knowledge that they can get away with MURDER!
  7. I take it Clare Short and various other labour reptiles will be getting this pathetic medallion ?
  8. Whiskeybreath, never mind Al Quaieda--

    with comments like that you'll have the New Labour commisar's after you again!!


  9. Flares and a mullet, eh? I knew him. He had a snorkel too.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I wonder if they will have to wait as long as us for them to be issued?

    Maybe Tony 'I don't talk to terrorists' Blair or Mo 'Babe' Mowlem might present them?
  11. Or perhaps the pansy Mandelson; he celebrated the killing of British soldiers by Israeli terrorists, so why not PIRA?
  12. Knowing the way New Labour operate, I suppose we could see them turn up at London, march down the mall towards Whitehall, down to Number 10. The Dear Leader comes out, says aren't we all happy together, present them their medals and then goes back in to Parliament to scupper plans for an Arctic medal :evil:

    If TBLIar does present a medal to them, do you think one of the Boyos would stick a bomb on TBLiar and waste him? Please? Pretty please? :wink:
  13. I really don't care that the inhabitants of the Emerald Toilet wish to remember their 'service' by wearing false medals. Part of it is to generate a disgust from the rest of us. They needn't have bothered.

    What really grips my piles are the sympathisers and apologists within our own Government.
  14. At least you dont have to put up with them laying claim to your national identity and best of all leading peace protests against Iraq.
    They also tend to act like they're already in government...passing party resolutions to "allow" our (Irish) army send troops to Liberia, so very gracious of them.
  15. true true, what is not generally known outside of Ireland is that the PIRA is at odds with the ROI Govt because the PIRA is a marxist organisation including SF party.
    the Dublin Govt is the real govt of Ireland and most irish i have spoken to are disgusted at what the IRA do in their name and most of them are not interested in anexing NI , they prefer to be by principle of consent