PIRA graves vandalised

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. The Milltown Cemetery graves of several PIRA members, including one of the Ulster Slimming Team have had yellow paint poured on them, according to the BBC.

    BBC clicky

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    Another piece of 'performance art', possibly...
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    This is not the done thing, regardless of what they did or who they were.

    Treat your enemy as you hope they would treat you even if you know that it is not the case.
  3. I could obviously never condone such a thing; indeed I find it utterly reprehensible. The thoughtless animals who did this should be ..........

    Who am I kidding! Its wrong but I'm not in tears. Those PIRA barstewards did a lot worse than vandalise a graveyard; they helped to populate them with a lot of innocent people before their alloted lifespan.

    I'm with you VB - how sad, never mind!
  4. Seconded, this is not the done thing
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Much as I hate everything the nationalist murderers have done, I think damaging graves is completely wrong.

    As it is, British forces are having to move graves of the fallen to safe areas, such as the remaining barracks.

    I think that in the current climate, that of downing tools and semi-co-operation, there should be agreements in place between the two communities to respect the graves of the dead.
  6. the Shinners & Boyos in the South are guilty of doing this to the memorials and gravestones of British (Irish) Soldiers in cemetaries all over - so f~ck 'em!
  7. Agree with MIB. Not done at all. Idiots.
  8. At least they got a grave. What about the families who are still trying to get the IRA to disclose the locations of dead love ones.

    FECK EM!
  9. Agree with Man In Black - Not the done thing. Whilst we do not agree with the individuals buried there, they still have family and relatives who mayt have been upset by this and do not care about the political background.

    As Mr MCotter said in the report: -

    Padraic McCotter, chairman of the Belfast National Graves Association said three or four republicans were buried in each of the 12 plots.

    "It is just wrong," he said, as experts worked to try to remove the gloss paint from the plot.

    "Sixty-six British soldiers are buried in Milltown and not one of their graves is touched. That is the way it should be.

    "The Republican graves should be treated in just the same way."
  10. Only memorials are being moved, not graves.

    Nobody has the moral right to do this sort of thing. The people affected aren't the bodies six feet down. Anyway, who wants all the old hatreds to be kept going? Only the fools.

    (That's not to say that there aren't times when I wish I had my old SLR handy; just that taking out your frustrations on graves is, well, pointless as well as provocative. I don't want some DYH peeing on my plot when I'm gone.)
  11. Wrong but one heart pumping purple pish here.
  12. Seconded ViroBono...

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind!!

    they were terrorist murdering scum, they should have been cremated and the ashes dropped into the nearest drain!!
  13. I agree with the principle that fallen combatants graves should be honoured. However I must admit I do find the pomposity of PIRA and the Shinners quite laughable and they must be pissing steam. hopefully the PSNI will pull all the stops out to detect the unfeeling idiots who did this. Shame there wasn't a covert OP in the next grave, but then that's progress and peace for you...

    Edited to add:

    While I think about it...the "spokesman" who mentioned the unviolated "British" graves must be aware that they are mostly local and predominantly Catholic boys, some of whose families still tend the graves.

  14. PIRA were not combatants, they were and still are murderers - as such they are criminals!

    Perhaps if they reveal were Robert Nairacs remains lay I could have a smidgen of sympathy towards the families whose graves have been defaced.

    But no, I feel nothing - graves are defaced daily and de facto by twerps non politicos who do so for fun.

    This is just an added length of hate in the province and what for?

    I do not honour those creatures but they lie in a graveyard and as such the graves shouldn't be touched (and they should have been ex-communicated but hey - the pope and his merry band of killers....)
  15. As has already been mentioned. The graves that were desecrated were more than likely done so by members of the same religion. ie.. those members of the same grouping who have become 'splinter' factions of bigger organisations.
    I can't imagine any of the loyalist groupings taking the time to cross over to milltown. Generally too busy intimidating the minority ethnics in the village.
    It's a good job there isn't an election coming up.
    Nearly think people were trying to raise tensions....?
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