PIR floodlights

Discussion in 'DIY' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. In theory,could one light with a pir sensor be used to trigger another light that had no sensor?
  2. Agreed. And you can also use a remote pir hidden somewhere to trigger a light that would normally be well out of range for a built in pir. Like at the start of a path for example.
    Or to trigger shotguns when the TV licence bods are coming up your path...
  3. I don't have a problem with the tv licence people.
    I have seen pikey activity locally.
  4. And you hope that if you leave them some fancy lights outside to steal, they might spare your dog, car and slates?
  5. Insecurity Lights are not the answer… a 12 guage and double odd buckshot is.
  6. Double-odd? Is that like a mong tranny or something?

    Or have you been watching too many American television performances, and been misled by their strange habit of pronouncing the number '0' as 'ought'?
  7. When the PIR stuff first came out a mate of mine used to take great pleasure in moving around a remote PIR that triggered a row of the smaller flood lights. So the game was to try and sneak up to his front door without setting them off.

    With pikey's in the area you could camouflage your property by having a stripped escort mk 3 in the front garden along with some over flowing bins and a pile of old prams and other metal. Then they'd think you were probably related to them and leave you alone.
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  8. The proprietor of my local firearms emporium always refers to it as double-odd.
  9. Wouldn't bother with the lighting, they don't need it ... they're used to laying a gravel drive in the dark.
  10. How odd, unless of course you live in Alabama or Mississippi or somewhere equally ill-educated.
  11. You need to run the slave light (no PIR) in series after the main light with the PIR, it will have a 3rd terminal which will send power live down it on activation. Wire that to the live of the slave light. If you pop down B&Q one of their nice chaps will sort you out. Make sure the Main light you buy has the 3rd terminal.
  12. You also need to ensure that the chain of lights you have does not draw too much current for the pir switch, or any of the other components.
  13. and you can disable the PIR light by using a laser pen (you know the ones the kids use to blind bus drivers or police heli pilots) on a bit of blue tack with the button taped down.

    If you bring the laser carefully down onto the central part of the PIR sensor, it will de-activate so as to allow you to walk up the path/drive without the sensors going off and illuminate you. Its a bit of trial and error, doesn't work first time unless you practice.
  14. pir halogens wont deter your good old honest pikey......round our way we normally hang one of the inbred illiterate lying ***** from a lamp post outside the scrappy
    if you are going to use lights....use the led type .....saves you on leccy.....also fit a mesh screen or thick acryllic screen...stops em shooting them out with air rifles but if they have anything bigger than airguns...see that guy from out east who wasted a gypo and borrow his shooter off him..........make sure you shoot them in the front.....self defence blah blah blah