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Discussion in 'Officers' started by CaptMainwaring, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Just moved to the world of walts as an ACF officer (having got too old, fat and lame for real soldiering ;-) ). That aside does anyone know where I can get R. Anglian pattern pips/rank slides the cadet PRI shop is not well stocked and I can't seem to get anyone helpful at 1 R. Anglian at the moment.

  2. Have a look on EBAY. There are a few traders who sell specialised rank slides with regimental insignia embroidered onto the slides and they aren't dearer then some PRIs!
  3. yup tried eBay without luck thanks anyway. Will have to go with s**t ones from their PRI which are so wide you could land a C-130 on them..!!
  4. Have you tried Cadet Direct, or the Cadet Supplies dept at Frimley Park
  5. Yup, Cadet Direct will make Rank Slides to order but there is more than likely a minimum order of about 20!
  6. Hi

    Soldier 95 patt Royal Anglian rank slides do not exist.
    There are staybrite 'Royal Anglian' shoulder titles for officers when wearing shirt sleeve order with the standard pips.
    The 2nd Bn have had 'Poachers' ones created for their Op telic tour in Des DPM but the 1st Bn and 3rd Bn just wear the normal DPM issue Rank Slides

    Hope this helps

  7. Try 2 R. Anglian. The Poachers are far more approachable than those Viking chappies :D
  8. Why not as your Cdt QM for some, then you'll look like everyone else in you county instead of some ex ARAB or STAB trying to rise above the rest - it's the fcuking ACF for god's sake!
  9. I'm told that the R.Anglians use green rank slids with pips sewn onto them. So it's the pips I need they are the cloth ones with a khaki backing (the cav have a yellow edged/backed version)

    Any ideas, BTW I tried Frimley too

  10. u want to see the 101 versions already in use there ;-) one more pattern would not even raise an eybrow...!! But as u say my simian friend, it's only the ACF and there's a limit to the effort needed here one afternoon on the forum just about covers it I reckon.

    Thanks to all for the suggestions posted
  11. Just wear a fcuking ACF one like everyone else. You'll probably re-badge anyway.
  12. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Get in touch with Lancashire Embroidery - they keep the felt pips, crowns etc. and will make a slide to any specification in any quantity - my ones cost about £5.20 for a pair, but that was some years ago!


    The website is a bit OTT, skip the intro and look for the military page.
  13. Capt M

    Maybe I am missing something here but none of what you say bears any resemblance to the truth!
    In working dress Royal Anglians wear CS05 with standard issue Badges of Rank with no title
    In Barrack Dress (rarely worn) they wear Officers staybrite Pips and Shoulder titles with or without Jersey Heavy wool.
    In Service Dress they wear above less shoulder titles
    In SSO with Service Dress trousers its as per above with titles and lanyard

    I have seen Officers in the ACF wearing slides in Shirt sleeve and JHW in Barrack Dress but The Regiment does not wear these its an ACF thing and NOT Regimental Dress. Guess it saves having to by spare staybrite pips (believe they were gold stars on them with ACF underneath not Royal Anglian)

    Take my advice and go with the above or speak to RHQ at The Keep in Bury St edmunds but we don't wear such items as you stated

  14. Roger wilco guess that clears that up then..!! I will now drive round to the house of the idiot that told me this in the first place and present him with these comments.

    Cheers Baz no need to waste time on this further then..!! This officer lark is more trouble than it's worth..!! ;-)