Pipes on tour!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Foitin_Irish, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Evening gents

    I appreciate this was a bit random but i was wondering if anyone on here could be good enough to answer the following;

    Do the Jocks play their pipes on tour, i.e out in Helmand

    The reason i ask is a friend of mine told me he was on exercise with one of the Scottish Bns (Black watch, i think he said) and he told me that their piper started playing a tune during the combat phase of this exercise.

    Just wondering if any one could put me straight on this, just fascinated to know if a glorious tradition is still being adhered to in the modern day battlefield.


  2. I saw the pipes and band of the Black Watch beat the retreat (my apologies if I got that wrong) in the courtyard of the wrecked Basra police HQ one evening in 2003, with a lot of local dignatories invited. Unforgettable. I don't think they took them downtown on patrol though.
  3. In early 1990's, Liverpool Scottish were known to deploy a piper on exercise. I think the OC would have done the same in battle to be honest. Fantastic for morale and the pipes don't take up much space.
  4. And probably scare the shit out of the indigenous population

    Unless of course your in Scotland :)
  5. My old Battalion used to take them on exercise. I remember the hapless piper wandering up and down the FUP at Whinny Hill to harshly whispered variants of, "Fuck off somewhere else, we're tactical!" The place got cleared in bloody quick time when he struck up 'Johnny Cope'.

    We also took a piper each time we deployed a sub-unit on a rentajock tour attached to another unit. Good for our morale and usually bad for the mash mob we were attached to. ;)
  6. I'm about as Scottish as Boris Becker but i do love the bagpipes, i could imagine it'd put the sh*tt*ers up the taliban, imagine hearing the pipes start up after getting a 1000lb bomb dropped in your general direction! surely an awesome piece of psychological kit
  7. A member of Somme Company, LONDONS, deployed with his pipes last year to HERRICK. He plays in the London Irish P&D in the UK. I know he played them in the Otterburn snow during PDT and I suspect he played them in-theatre, perhaps others would verify.
  8. When Cpl Gordon Pritchard of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and LCpl Allan Douglas of The Highlanders were killed in Iraq in seperate incidents in January 2006 there were pipers at their repatriation ceremony at Basra Airport. I've rarely experienced anything more moving even though, like you, I don't have a drop of jock blood in me.

    That said, the Irish Guards pipers playing at about six o'clock every pissing morning in the Falklands stirred my blood in a totally different way!
  9. I have recollections of an Aussie piper getting "shot" early one morning whilst at Haltern, about 98 I think.
  10. When the Black Watch moved in to Dog Wood in Iraq 2004, they took a few hits and lost a couple of blokes (or at least one killed and others seriously wounded from what I remember) in one day. That same evening at dusk I think it was their Pipe Major stood on the Hesco playing the pipes out across the desert as the sun went down as a gesture of defiance. It made the hair on the back of your neck stand up, it brought a lump to your throat and it sparked his lads up. Quite unforgettable.

  11. That would have been something to see, and hear :D
  12. I returned from telic this May..

    every time i caught the boys servicing Vehicles with a Piper on-board i ask them to bash out a few tunes..

    im as southern as they come but still makes your hair stand on end.....
  13. Yes pipes and drums would be taken on tour.
    When I went to Kosovo in 2000 one of the first things or CO did was arrange for the Band to play in as many towns as possible. This really brought the locals onside.

    It is also a great morale booster for the troops some battalions may also try and keep the tradition of duty piper, where the piper will play at various times throughout the day,
  14. You'd be more correct in saying that a Soldier from the London Irish Rifles took his pipes with him, but apart from that you are correct.

    Oh, and if that Soldier is reading... You're a cunt! :D

    T C
  15. there being played every morning and evening in TELIC just now in various locations around town 8)

    they also seem to be hired out to every twat that thinks a couple of pipers will impress and help with the MBE thrust, Not like they have anything else to do :x