Pipes in the Corps

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Crimson_Chin, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. rejoining later this year (waiting for the careers office to get back to me)

    just wondering is it possible to lear to play the bagpipes - with no previous expeience, whilst in the corps?
    something ive always liked to do.

    cheers in advance.
  2. Hi Crimson

    Yes you can learn whilst serving in the Corps.

    We have a Pipe Major at DCCIS who takes piping lessons twice a week.

    Depending upon your circumstaces there may be a strong possibility of doing the Class 3 All Arms pipers course in Edinburgh, we've had 6 regular soldiers go through it so far and another 2 or 3 going through later this year.

    PM me for more details if you like.
  3. ok cheers, i'll wait till im at blandford and settled in before making any serious enquirys. i'll PM you then if i remember (but dont hold your breath :) )

    still waiting on the careers office, who are still waiting on paperwork. its a bloody nightmare - i bet when the see my phone number crop up they think "not that fcuker again". :D
  4. I learned to pipe with the Corps at Harrogate in the early eighties. Was fantastic.

    I also formed part of the re-formed pipes & drums based at 32 Sig Reg (V), in Glasgow for a few years.

    I'm now about to start passing the skills on to cadets in the midlands.

  5. Shame we can´t have more pipers, drummers AND bugles in the Corps.

    Surely 7 and 16 could get together to form a group.

    As could 3 Div, and the bdes around the Plain.

    Bonuses of ED pay and no guards.... apply within. :D
  6. I like the sound of that. I've got a trumpet, its my own and i blow it eeeeeeeeeevery day!
  7. Shame the only note you get out of it is

    "me me me me"

  8. i could play a one note selfish tune at the Mercian National Party meetings. Will the scones, being made available to those at the meetings, have jam on them?
  9. I remember whilst working in Blandford one of the guys was learning to play the pipes. It was the most awful sound, we dreaded his practice time! He used to practice at the top of 'Heartbreak Hill' and I really wanted to push him down it!

    To give him the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure he got better in time. Played properly they sound great, but that practice was beyond the pale!
  10. The trouble is mate, the pipes is an instrument that relies on harmonics. There are four reeds that all have to be tuned to each other, and tuning is an art. If any one reed is off it can and does sound like the famed cat.

    But you hear a nice well tuned set of pipes, or better, a band full of them, and the sound is awsome!

  11. They can practice on just the finger bit.

    You don´t need the whole pipes.
  12. Oh I quite agree and I've spent many a happy evening in the Sgts Mess in Blandford listening to them.
  13. Course you can have scones. As long as you don´t blow them down the instrument.

    No Jam, though. We are taxed to hard under the current regime.

    After devolution, manna will fall from the skies.
  14. When Skibum was practicing on "just the finger bit" it was truly awful! We banished him to the toilets, but we could still fcuking hear him! To be fair, he obviously improved, as his future status of Pipe Major will testify, but a practicing, novice piper with a chanter in a barrack block is torture! (27 years later, and I still remember my ears bleeding!) :)
  15. Oi.....! Wan't that bad!... Well.. ok then.. it was!

    And the Pipe Major thing only lasted till the day after the Senior Term Photo remember...! After that I got intimatley introduced to the jail & the provo staff! :oops: :roll: :wink: