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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by whocares, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. May be looking at starting a pipes and drums band here in Germany. Looking for any cast offs, pipes, parts of pipes, practice chanters, kilts, glengarrys, brogues, side/tenor/bass drum kind of thing to start us off and get the rest of the band going (short on a side drum desperately!). Only too happy to take any that are en route to the bin!

    I know it is necky asking for such kit but I can but try and ask first for freebies, you never know what Ps&Ds out there may have some old kit they no longer use. At least it would be put to a good cause! And would be in the name of charity!

    If you have or know of any please give us a shout.

  2. nice Login ID.
  3. where about in germany are you?
    The highlanders and scots dg are in fally. any old kit normally goes to the association band.

    Although judging by the results at this years pipe band competitions the highlanders may want to give you all their instruments when they return from the tattoo, You would probably do a better job with them
  4. Vandyke LOL - We are in the Rheindahlen area.

    Any SDG or Highlanders that would like to donate to a poor wee band trying to start out?
  5. OOh vandyke that was naughty....! They sounded alright at Fort George when they paraded before about 20 ex Pipe Majors including two World Champion Pipers....what went wrong at the Pipe Band Champs then?
  6. worlds are tomorrow, but they got beaten by a bunch of schoolkids at bridge of allan last week.
    Im still laughing about it now
  7. Weren't the school kids from Queen Victoria? More importantly was the fun fair, about the only time I venture from the centre of Stirling in Bridge of Allan; unless it's to go to the brewery!
  8. Well if the kids were QVS then most of them are sons of pipers within the Division! Methinks I'll be getting a pint off the Drum Major and Pipie MacK....!

    To think we were a Grade 1 not so long ago --- ouch!
  9. no it wasnt QVS, you'll be lucky to get a pint from the drummie he's tight as a nuns chuff. But i am sure shifty will get them in.

    You were never in grade 1, always been grade 2. Although the queens own and seaforths have produced most of the finest pipers ever. (I would be here all night naming them) They never seemed to get it together as a band.

    Caberfeidh gu brath
  10. Well, I remember when Craigmount High School could give most Grade 1 pipe bands a run for their money :)

    Remember, there's a big difference between a band which aims mostly at public engagements, has to develop a broad repertoire and a decent "mass" of pipers and drummers to actually fill a stadium...

    ... and a "competition" band who graft their arrses off at a more limited set (and boy, do they work at it), and who don't need to generate as big a band to do it.
  11. when it comes to public performances there isnt a single civvy band that can touch the army ones.
    civvy bands have 1 set of tunes a year and try to perfect them.
    Both highlanders and scots dg have just returned from iraq so the fact that they can get back together and compete in such a short space of time is amazing. the Scots DG got together just 2 weeks before their first competition.
    today at the worlds the Scots DG won their qualifying group, and came 8th in the main round. None of the other army bands qualified.
  12. I've been listening to Boghall and Bathgate practising over the last month and frankly I doubt their chances. Strange that this should lead me onto my next point - chat to Pipe Major Graeme Massie at QRH Sennelager or his brother with the SDG's.

    Their family home is less than 500 yards from me and they are dedicated exponents of the craft (piping that is - not the other craft, see me for that).

  13. So from which CORPS will the Queens piper be coming then?
  14. as a descendant of God's Country, I offer one my Father's foundation pearl of wisdom that the definition of a Scottish Gentleman was " one who can play the bagpipes but doesn't!!