Pipes and Drums?

I'm going to be joining 32 sigs soon, and am interested in getting a bit more info about the Royal Signals pipes and drums: I did ask the corporal I had a chat with to dig up some info for me if she could, but I reckoned it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone on here was currently involved and could give me the recruiting spiel/answer questions.
Do you play either instrument at the moment?

To become a piper or drummer you will normally be required to attend the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming at Inchdrewer House, Redford Barracks, Edinburgh.

I am not sure how it works with a the Signals Reserve Unit as the normal course is 6 months long...hence asking of you already play.

However, I suspect that the regiments pipes and drums will have a separate practice night and to earn your drum/pipes, you will have to attend a couple of weekends at the ASBMHD and sit an assessment before becoming a member of the band. I had to do the same to be a County Drum Major, despite already playing and being a Drum Major in a civvy band for 8 years. Along with some reservists from all over the UK, I had to sit a practical assessment before being appointed Drummie. I also had to sit an assessment for the drum too.

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