Pipes and Drums of the Royal Corps of Signals

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BassDrone, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. The Pipes and Drums of the Royal Corps of Signals are currently recruiting pipers and drummers, no previous experience necessary.

    Interested applicants should ideally fill the following criteria:

    Rank - Sig - LCpl
    Trade - any R SIGNALS trade

    Open to all Regular and TA Soldiers.

    Selection for Regular Soldiers is held bi-annually and successful applicants will be loaded on to Class 3 Piper or Drummer courses at the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming in Edinburgh.

    For more information email arrse @ keekmabreeks.com
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  2. stick ur shitty pipe band up ur hoop. i've heard u play and u are pump.
  3. slobs of the highest order
  4. Well, for someone in a civil partnership with a serving soldier, you've certainly got a strong opinion on the skirl of the pipes.

    I'd thought that you'd love this sort of thing. You could stick one of the drones up your boyfriends man clunge and have a blow on it.
  5. you ever think people might be having a laugh? you seem like quite the ball sack. bad, bad man!!!
  6. Don't hold back.
  7. :D 8O Fantastic
  8. Royal Signals have a pipe band ............... Why?
  9. They have had one for a number of years now and its probably the same reason as the rest of the Regt/Corps have one....good PR.
  10. I would like to join. I'm TA signals and I used to play the drums as a kid. I've just started practising rudiments on a pad again.

    How do I go about getting involved?

  11. AIUI you've got a full Colonel who was a handy piper in his youth :)
  12. Have you got a dance band called the JAMCATS?
  13. Gaz was given the band phone number by PM and has already made some contact.
  14. Yeah I've got to call back next week. Cheers for the help.