Pipers: Glen Garrys in CS95?!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chocolate_frog, May 16, 2009.

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  1. Having just come across the Pipers wearing a seperate uniform in the field units.

    Why do our Royal Signals Pipers wear Glen Garrys whilst in CS 95?

    The Grant Tartan stable belt in place of the standard Signals stable belt I can see.... but a Glen Garry... even on guard.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the wearing of the stable belt and, of course, the qualification badge (in the correct dress) is also a good idea... sells teh pipes and perhaps drums up recruits.

    But surely just a square of tartan behind the capbadge would suffice, in place of a Glen Garry, which looks (frankly) tonk with the CS 95.
  2. Pipers wear Glengarry's only exception being the P&D's of the Gurkhas.

    Mind you at one point the entire British army wore them.
  3. So what about the rest of the pipers in the army that wear them in 95? And its not just the pipers.
  4. Thanks for the free advertising for the Pipes and Drums.

    All British Army Pipers and Drummers (minus the Gurkhas) now wear the Glengarry, most have been wearing them since the 19th centrury.

    One of the reasons for the push on this is that it heightens awareness that we have a Pipes and Drums which helps push the Corps Ethos and helps with recruitment.

    "Go Gasste Is Cinnte" (Royal Signals Gaelic toast = "Swift & Sure")
  5. Well said. What on earth is the problem?
  6. Going off thread slightly (only slightly), I was recently on TELIC and the QRH officers were wearing Thunderbird hats with their Desert uniform. Looked chip shop. In fact looked like a green and gold chip bag on ther head.

    Heard a rumour the other day that Berets will be replaced withing the next 10 years. Dont know what to though.
  7. Baseball caps from the Burberry range. Got to make the Army appear to be all-inclusive.
  8. The QGS Pipers wear pill box hats, as do other Gurkha Pipers and other Gurkha Appointments.... (No1 dress for example and of course the QGOOs).

    They don't wear them in the hanger whilst working however.... unless this has changed recently.

    Bass Drone, no dramas with the free advertisement.... I do plenty more in work time. Even though the idea of having more cat stranglers playing Skye Boat Song and Highland Catherdral fills me with dread :)

    CS95 (according to the gumph) is a combat uniform.... so surely little add ons such as Glen Garrys and thunderbird hats are not neccesary, except on actual piping or thunderbirds duty.

    I mean, I'd look like a right tawt if I just decided to wear a tawt hat with twos because of some vaguely linked reason, would I not?

    DOn't get me wrong, I like the idea of having pipes and drums.... it would be nice if we could interest enough lads to get a Drums Section going (perhaps the Trg WO could lead it, with one of the SIs as Pipe/Drum Major.

    4x Side Drums, Bass drum and tennor, two pipers and 4 bugles/fyfes.

    That would look good, and provide some nice outlets for the lads.... maybe leave them off the duties list in return.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Had the same argument about CS95 and Glen Garys within the Scots Div when it first came in. Ended up going to Regimental Dress Committee and being carried. But that was for on ops wear only, both for the P&Ds and the rest of us riff-raff. Once we were back in barracks, back to TOS.

    Don't think it has changed since but someone may correct me.

    However, I have no problems with GGs being worn. Great way to differentiate you from the rabble and I have no dramas with the P&Ds wanting to and deserving to stand out.
  10. I think your right CF: I reckon a change to PDs stating that all members of the R Signals Pipes and Drums should wear "see you jimmy" hats. Fcuk it, I want to wear a jimmy hat as well as I hate berets :p

  11. Well at least RMP will benefit from that, the scarlet beret is fcucking awful.

    Given the current fashions in beret shapes the whole lot of them need to go on the bonfire as soon as possible, or RSMs need to get a grip. Frankly a lot of soldiers just look silly at the moment.
  12. tell u wot chocolate frog why dont u stop one of the cat stragglers and make ur feelings known to him. i'm sure they will be happy to take them on board and tell u to fcuk off and get a life. the wearing of the glen garrys is army dress regs. and the pipes and drums adds a bit of pride to a corps that lacks it.
  13. Not the Irish though ;-)
  14. i reckon that we should all wear some form of "british" head dress so that we don't look weak. "le beret" is a flimsy piece of shite that isn't even british! big up the glen gary or t.o.s! if there is any other british head dress that people think we should wear then let me know where i've missed.
    at the end of the day the the head dress is an identifying factor and if the glen garry hurts your eyes so much this issue should be addressed a bit further up the chain. tit!
  15. Are you a schizo ?

    As well as being a mong that is.