Pipers BG in the Ardenne

The name was Col Jochen Peiper, he commanded the German break out in the Ardennes

try Googling Malmedy massacre or Kampfgruppe 1st SS etc

I think he and his officers were tried for war crimes but I cant remember what happened to them
I believe Peiper was tried, imprisoned and released, only to be killed by a letter bomb in the 1980s.
Gen Mike Reynolds late Queen's is the recognised expert and does a very good bottle field tour. Wrote a good book called The Devils Adjutant on the subject. I've got a pamphlet from a local museum you can have if you want. (And I can find it) Send me a PM. I was so pissed /hungover when I bought it, I actually got the german version by mistake, but the piccies and plans are the same!
Pieper died in 1976. He'd moved to France and local leftists (not surprisingly, really) caught up with him. They set fire to his house, which was ironic I suppose, given his record in Russia and France.

Like many old Nazis, he managed to evade justice after the war. Until vigilantes did the job.
HeavyDragoon said:
Anybody with any info please help
This is the height of bad manners, Sir!

If you ask for help, and get it, 'twould be polite to respond or at least acknowledge your replies. Did you not have to write Thank you letters when you were younger? Pah! What's the world coming to.....?

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