Pipeline Card

Pipeline Card

A small saving is better than nothing!!!Got sent this this morning, thought I should and would share it.

Fed up paying ridiculous petrol prices? Save money with a free Pipeline Card!

All those involved in the oil business are getting their cut from the inflated prices we're paying on the forecourts - the oil-well owners, refineries, filling stations. On top of that, the government siphons off nearly 70p per litre in tax.

These organisations behave as if petrol and diesel were luxury goods, and driving was a hobby. It is not. We are not 'motorists' as we have been branded. We are teachers, nurses, professional and business people, parents. We drive because we have to.
Strength in numbers

There are nearly 32 million of us in the UK. If a large number of us band together and choose to give our custom to one major forecourt chain, we could negotiate a substantial discount for ourselves. Pipeline Card has been established to achieve just that and we are well on our way to success.
Our target

We have already secured an agreement in principle from a major UK fuel retailer to provide a discount to our members. We need you – and your friends and your work colleagues - to join with us in order to win a substantial reduction in forecourt prices across the whole country.
Act now!

It costs absolutely nothing to join, but by joining Pipeline Card today you strengthen our clout as well as making yourself eligible to buy fuel at a discount. By telling other drivers about this website you can make that happen sooner - and do them a favour into the bargain.
Excellent idea, about time the money grabbing b*stards were forced into reducing fuel prices!!

I for one will forward the link on to my friends, family and colleagues.

Thanks for the info mereminx
It's cool. regular updates email through to you as well!!
Signed up for it a while ago. They are hopeful of a card being available around Apr/May this year?
given it a go & see what comes about, fingers crossed.

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