Pipebombs left outside two Antrim Schools.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    BBC News - School evacuated after boy picks up 'pipe bomb'

  2. Have to say Im amazed a kid from Antrim doesnt know a Pipe Bomb when he sees it...
  3. I know 'show and tell' in schools are competitive sports but this is ridiculous.

    On a serious note leaving pipebombs in school playgrounds will not I believe have the desired effect for the perpetrators. They must be mad to think otherwise. I reckon there must be a side story, that we are not aware of, to this. Pretty traumatic for the child and parents.
  4. I think for some fucked up reason they're left there, to be disposed off. Complete ******* behind this and I wouldn't be suprised if it was a so called Loyalist grouping going by the name of the Real UFF (how original).
  5. It was bound to happen. And in targetting a school they've gone straight for the bottom of the barrel.
  6. They are getting low and desperate.

    Just a call for someone to start on them so they can reply back.

  7. The poor wee kids in Lurgan injured was a Dizzie Blue on Blue incident. They tried to draw Robert in but he was too smart. My gut instinct is that some idiot Loyalist group were behind todays awful activities. It is a very sad state of affairs. The Coffee Jar blast devices and cr@p used here during the Holy Cross School Mexican standoff by Uber Prods was equally awful. My gut reaction is that it was elements of the thicko 1690 Brigade. As much as I hate the DR I can't see them leaving 2 devices in Roman Catholic Schools for P1 to P7 pupils. I stand to be corrected but hopefully after the ATO & SOCO file reports then it may be in the public domain.
  8. There was a phone warning for the hoax at the second school, so surely there must have been a codeword to identify the Real UFF as the NI local government are claiming the Real UFF.

    ******* idiots on a grand scale.
  9. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Of course it was the prods. Too thick to come up with a new random three letter acronym (which will be easy to remember and spray on walls). A primary school, 'left there to be disposed of' Aw just F**k away off. That's a disgrace and once the window lickers in the 'Real' Ulster Freedom Fighters start lining up to inform on one another (for the money and protection of Special Branch) who next Continuity Ulster Freedom Fighters? If they could spell it.
  10. Skid it happened before at my nephews school, only there was no fuses attached to the copper piping thingy. Thats why I said that as I didn't know it had been left in the playground.

    Hence why latter on I called them "******* idiots on a grandscale".
    I can't understand what they aim to achieve at a time when 99% of loyalists don't feel any threat to the Union or their communities, hence the UVF and UDA decommisioning.
  11. The whole RUFF thing is deliberate FFS.

    Immediately after the Masserene shootings I'd posted that while I didn't want a return to the old forms of policing, we'd need to see some high profile arrests or other action from the PSNI or some numpty on the other side of the fence would deploy the Black & Decker or a converted firework and claim that they're "doing something because nobody else is". I'm surprised it's taken as long as it has to be honest, although I do recall the RUFF moniker having been mentioned before on the news in relation to something else, only heard it the once though.
  12. They done a page 3 spread in a newspaper about a year ago, flashing some flags and a couple of AK's, claiming they were going to take the war to the dissidents. Well **** the RIRA must be recruiting pretty ******* young then.