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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by MacFadyin, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. Trying to find some decent Pipe Music for Hogmonay.
    WTF is going on. Found about 4 CDs of Regimental Pipe Bands, however every one is fcuked up by a brass band section. If I wanted to listen to glockenspiels I'd go to Germany. Thought I'd got a decent version of the Black Bear and half way through the Pipes go home and it degenerates into "Noddy goes to Toytown".

    I drank how much last night?
  2. MacFadyin check your in box (Oh err) ref Highlanders Museum
    at Fort George.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    might have some of the victoria police P's and D's i'll have a look.
  4. The P's & D's of The London Scottish have a few CD's out - dont see a direct means of mail order on their web pages but am sure could enquire by email to the Regt Secretary.

  5. Thanks guys, will look those up.
    I 've been doing some more searching on the web. The biggest offenders are the Highland Regiments themselves Must be an attempt to ensure their popularity and continued existence.
    I found a web ring dedicated to the pipes and am learning more about them than I wanted to know.
    I was just trying to make a tape up for new year in memory of my Dad. Will make do with what i have for the moment I'll be back in UK next month and contact the Argylles in Canterbury or Stirling - they should be able to help. Thanks again

    Bliain úr faoi shéan is faoi mise duit (Happy New year to you)

    I drank how much last night?
  6. Why don't you save yourself some money, find a cat, stick your finger up it's arse and blow up it's nose? :)
  7. Mate that dose'nt work, i tried it when i first started to see if the rumors where true..

    Mate the best place for pipe music is the 2 scots guards books, every tune you will ever need is in them to books.

    But if you want somethin fast before new years eve I recomend BMW. Google Bagpipe Player, download it then, then Google Bagpipe Player tunes and download them. Then you will have a stupid amount of tunes, even the crap ones that the americans and Germans compose :D