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Pipe Drill, whats the score i heard on the grape vine that if you are a registered pipe smoker (not pole like unnamed ED's) you can smoke in uniform, on parade and in buildings is there any truth behind this and mabey some of you Drill Pigs and RD guys can help out
As a pipe smoker for thirty odd years it was always understood that pipesmokers knew how to behave. On joint venture last year, myself and a fellow pipesmoker practised and employed our 'saluting with pipes' drills. The then GOC was either impressed or dumbfounded, either way he saluted back and didn't bollock us.
I was a bag carrier to CRA 1 Div in Bos several years ago. Both he and I smoked pipes. He used to inform me as we walked around puffing away that the pipe was the only approved way of walking and smoking at the same time, because "it is officially a Gentleman's smoke". It used to really annoy the Chief Ops, but as he was a tool the effect was to increase my smoking.

Very sad and Gunner-like I know, but I engraved a graticule on the bowl so I could use it to adjust fire instead of having to rely on Binos. Proved it worked in Germany, much to the disbelief of my (rather more professional) Ack and the IG and SMIG who watched. "Left 120 repeat" "shot 21" "target round, 3rnds FFE" (an abbreviated version for those not interested in the unique and sublime language that is Fire Discipline.

Pipe smoking is also excellent at keeping midges and mozzies at bay. I still have my old pipes with the graticules and smoke them occasionally. Now that I am a stinking civvie and earning too much money I tend to import and smoke limited edition Cohiba Sublimes and Silglo VI instead. More pompous than a pipe, but not as convenient as they take 2 hrs to smoke.

I doubt that you will ever be allowed to smoke on parade, but should certainly be allowed to wander around camp/exercise/operations with one (doesnt give off light, especially if you get a Bosch covered pipe). Sadly not in buildings: fire, health and safety and standing regs are to blame. I do it now that I am a civvie (but only because I am the boss!)
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