Pipe drill

Discussion in 'Officers' started by MisellaLandica, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. As a long time (tobacco) pipe smoker, I have heard the stories about being able to smoke on parade, etc -- always with a different 'puff to pace' ratio.

    I have now been challenged to find out the correct form for pipe drill, and been told (by the person who gets to make such decisions) that should I be able to do so, I will be allowed to cut around camp smoking.

    This is a challenge I simply cannot refuse, and so I am wondering whether anyone here knows the movements, or has a reference to some yellowed drill manual somewhere.

    (P.S. The reason I posted here is that I am told that Grenadier Guards officers are known to sometimes engage in this tradition...and it doesn't seem to quite fit anywhere else)
  2. Have a search, as this topic has come up in the not-too-distant past.
  3. I've certainly heard of this as a Grenadier Guards tradition (not just officers) but I've never seen anyone do it and I've never seen it written down anywhere. Might be something in QRs or possibly a regimental tradition
  4. Done a stint at guards company whilst there was a gren in the company2ic seat. He always had a pipe with him and if I recall he said it was a puff every 5 paces. Dodgy memory though so I'm probably wrong
  5. In times gone by the order to ''Get on parade'' was the signal to do up one's collar, have a good purge, extinguish one's pipe and stop fingering the latest article of camp baggage. Then walk slowly forward into rank and file.
  6. That's the Gr*nadi*rs for you. The dirty bastards.
  7. Still the drill at many a TAC.
  8. Well if you are gullible enough to believe that then I have a proposition for you:

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  9. Well I'm not gullible enough to send personal details to an admitted fraudster such as yourself. In fact, I think I'll be reporting this to the RMPs tomorrow so they can start investigating. It's thanks to embezzlers like you pocketing money and equipment with which they have been entrusted that the armed forces are strapped for cash (not to mention having a massive impact on the reconstruction effort, and possibly the eventual outcome, in Iraq).

    Meanwhile, back on Earth, I do realise that the entire concept of 'pipe drill' may very well be something of an urban legend. However, I have it from the horse's mouth that should it exist, and I find the correct form, I'd be allowed to do it. That's why I'm posting -- I know this is a 'rumour service', not a drill instructor's cadre, but occasionally some valid information does emerge here.
  10. When?234546
  11. I do love your optimism:

    “It may well be an urban legend”…No Sh1t Batman!

    “……Should it exist and I find the correct form” ...have you ever heard of:

    Long weight,
    Bubbles for spirit levels
    Tartan paint
    Left handed screwdriver
    Golden rivet
    RSM's pension for 22 year Privates

    For some valid information on this site see below:

  12. Pipe Drill does not exist. However, an officer smoking a pipe in uniform used to be perfectly acceptable. In the '80s I used to cut about Tidworth with a very fine briar clamped between my teeth - had 'em made for me by a little fellow occupying an un-prepossessing shed in Tilshead. Between the QM, the CO and me, all pipe smokers, we could render visibility in the Ante Room down to about two yards after a good coffee break.