Pipe? Check!, Slippers? Check! Cocoa? Check? Life? Noooooo!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ALREADYJACKEDGENIUS, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. When you get home and slipped into your Tootal cardigan, if you are looking for a little distraction* once you have finished the crossword, have a shot at this one..


    * Now you are married CR you'll have plenty of time once you've repainted the kitchen.

    ** If you only wanted to recognise it at 250M, then don't come into the woods with yr NVGs on :wink:
  2. You utter bar steward!!!!!!!!!! :)
  3. Oh God, not a recognition test! I fecking hate those and awlays have! Its a green thingy with big black wheels! Maybe its CRs bondage chamber!
  4. it's one of them road side caf thing's innit. I know your game.
  5. I bet you've got a copy of the old 6 Int Coy BBV guide!!!

    Feck, this could go on for years!

  6. Saxon APC??

    (ducks to avoid incoming)

  7. Its a scissor jack :lol:
  8. it's a generator. with a green dishy thing on top.
  9. Weel the Archers finished a while back and I have completely tidied our sock drawer. Mrs AJG has just got back from WI.

    I hate to be a tease, but I think it's time to reveal just a little bit more......[​IMG]

    I know we are a lot closer that 250M now, I hope some of you aren't a bit shy of such intimacy?? :oops:

    It's getting late now........
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor


    The first one is a photograph and the second one is another photograph.

  11. I think I might have what it takes to join the Int Corps. Thats exactly what I was thinking.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Can I open the bidding with a ZIL-161?

  13. And I'll raise you with a URAL 375 (or 377), and I'll go really wild and say comms box body not workshop box body due to lack of windows on chamfered roof.

    But I could be wrong.

  14. Looks a bit like a 1-RL232 (that sounds too much like a down payment on a Golden Anorak, so I'll shut up now).
  15. Ural-375E R412 vehicle in NVA service. Conceivably from Nachrichtenbataillon 40 "Hans Marchwitza".