Pipe band question


Have any of you chaps in the Pipe bands of the Regiments ever come across pipers or any info on pipers from the Corps?
Just interested as I am a Corps soldier and have just began learning the pipes. I don't think I can attend the School of Piping as it is only for personnel from units with "approved Pipes and Drums".
minime33 said:
One of the Sigs regiments have a pipe band. One of their piper's was playing at Sandhurst I belief. Best idea is to phone up the Army School of Bagpipe music.

30SR have a Ghurkha piper and there's a piper at the Royal School of Signals in Blandford too (along with the Corps band). Might be worth giving them a bell.


Get in touch with HQ Sqn 31 Sigs - they have a S/Sgt who is ex Pipe Major of The London Scottish. PM me if you need the name.


Im a civvy, and dont know exactly what rules govern you.

However I do know that if you were able to somehow get civilian tuition, there'd be no shortage of people willing to teach you. My pipe band do it for free, or if you're looking for personal 1-1 tuition its simply a case of saying to someone, "right mate, fancy teaching me"!

I dont really know your can and can't do's so am limited to what I can tell you at the minute.

Military pipe bands are great though and if you can somehow get involved with one, id say definitely give that a shot. Theres plenty of time for civvy bands when you leave the corps.


You will find that most of the best civi pipe bands are in scotland and ireland, very few in england. Army pipe bands are the way forward, i do know that the sigs have a pipe band but not to sure how good.

Any1 can go the army school of bagpipe music, just speak to your CO and im sure he can box it off, you will start of learning the basics, but the instructors there are top class. If you want to learn and it will benifit the regiment im sure he will argee sending you on it.

Who is teaching you at the minute? A civi band?


Yep. Civvie pipe band in Oz (I'm on attachment). They seem good but are geared toward having people join the band and are more interested in you learning how to play with the band rather than learning to play first.
Better than nothing at the moment.
No doubt if you were granted a place at Inchdrewer House your aptitude for the instrument would have to be assessed.....I cant see them sending anyone out to OZ to do that....Of course the "Old Man" could recomend you,but what does he know about piping....not a lot I would imagine (and thats being kind!).

Having said that and being a piper myself, I would not be at all surprised if the Director of Army Bagpipe Music or his 2 I/C didnt have a contact down under with impecable piping credentials, who may be willing to assess you.

If you cant get into the School perhaps you could consider a "Summer School" run by either the College of Piping or The National Piping Centre in Glasgow.Or have a look at www.pipebands.asn.au they run courses.

Having said that a few months in "Auld Reekie" wid be jist braw! :D

Good luck!


102Bn REME(v) have a pipe band, they are based at Newton Aycliffe, they are a really friendly bunch and I'm sure any one of them would be happy to point you in the right direction.
Mother said:
Have any of you chaps in the Pipe bands of the Regiments ever come across pipers or any info on pipers from the Corps?

Royal Armoured Corps - SCOTS DG have one, rather famous in fact. They played on "Mull of Kintyre", and did some lucrative session work for Mike Oldfield :) - or I could show my age and say "4RTR used to have one"

Other than that, Corps units with Pipe Bands will likely be TA units, in other words in Scotland; and groups of enthusiasts, in other words their LSN doesn't say "Piper" or "Drummer", but the CO is happy for them to spend time away from / in addition to their established role.
Having previously been a Piping instructor at the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming, I can tell you that.

1. Potential pipers and drummers from all units of the British Army and even a chap from the Royal Navy while I was there, are accepted on Class 3 (beginner) Piper's Courses at the ASBM&HD. This is true regardless of whether your unit/corps has an LSN established Pipes and Drums or not.

2. Speak to your OC and request that you be sent on a 6 month Class 3 Pipers Course at the earliest opportunity. There are 2 courses per year, March and October.

3. PM me if you have any more questions. I can send you a Pamphlet if required.

All the best



Cheers all for all comments and help. Probably didn't give enough info initially, so here goes.
I am now TA Int Corps and on attachment (not Long Look) to an Oz unit and doing pipes (only on the chanter at the moment) with a local civvie pipe band.
I don't think Int Corps, and definately don't think my Bn has a pipe band.
Is there a TA pipe course?
If so how long is it and what are the conditions for bidding on the course or will they allow anybody, requirement or not as with the reg. course mentioned earlier?
Cheers in advance.
As far as i am aware, with the exception of the Scottish infantry battalions, Scots Guards and possibly Royal Irish. All other bands are not established. ie they are made up voluntarily from the squadrons.

With the RRS their Pipes and Drums are normally SF platoon, and train and fight together. Most other bands spend most of there time doing their main role and the amount of time spent as a band is up to the CO

As for TA courses at ASBM, i seem to remember courses at the weekend for TA & Cadets, 1642_piper may know. The class 3 course would be the fastest way to go what the instructors achieve is amazing.

Where about in the UK do you stay? I am sure wherever you are there will be a band close to you.

SCOTS DG never played on "Mull of Kintyre" that credit goes to the campbelltown pipe band. We had Amazing Grace at number 1. You're right about mike oldfield and we also have an excellent CD out with Mark Knopfler available at all good record shops and woolen mills :) or The SCOTS DG website
vandyke said:
SCOTS DG never played on "Mull of Kintyre" that credit goes to the campbelltown pipe band. We had Amazing Grace at number 1. You're right about mike oldfield

Arg, should have remembered that. Our cadet force visited SCOTS DG when P/Maj Crease was RSM; those of us who played were itching for a chance to see the P&D.

PS From my existence in another pipe band, the "short blonde from Edinburgh" played tenor drum...

Gravelbelly, B3 Piper at a weekend
I knew a few short blonde tenor drummers, some more intimately than others.
RSM creese is mentioned in another thread on here. Worst RSM ever or something like that.


Remember to take your muffs. MoD was chuntering on a few months back about restricting pipers to 15 minutes practice per day indoors, 25 minutes outdoors because of the noise hazard.


Thats stupid, soon they will be telling us we carnt go to war because we might get killed...