Pipe and Slippers

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. I just thought that perhaps it was time for our resident old gits to have their own thread. One where they can get out their pipe and slippers... sit on that cosy rocking chair next to the crackling fire... pull a well-worn tartan blanket over their knees... and bore the fuck out of the grandchildren. sorry, i mean "reminisce". ;)

    suitable topics include esoteric jokes about Hillman Avengers or green Triumph Dolomites.... ZIL 131 variants... how you used to be able to go to the cinema and buy a bag of chips, and still have change left over from 2s 6d... BRIXMIS... that crazy trip you made into enemy territory (NI, Occupied France, your choice)... how chicken used to taste like chicken... overhead projectors... that brilliant HB pencil you used to have... Crucible / 3970 / 3702 / an abacus...

    so get out your ear trumpets and your Murray Mints... stick another log on the fire... and stop crayoning all over the threads written by those with full bladder control.

    I SAID GET OUT YOUR... oh, forget it. enjoy :D

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  2. AAGF


    Puppy! You'll learn one day!! Did I ever tell you about that Active Edge when we were all pissed as crickets and as daft as a brush in the Mess when the word came in? 432s bumping into trees, maps upside down, hrmmph...g'night son...
  3. Anklets, son, anklets ...
  4. Hmm. Define “old”.

    (BTW whatever your definition in my day people were older.)
  5. [​IMG]

    i love the title of this lady's previous book on Alzheimers :D
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Ah, Alzheimers! Wonderful thing, never any repeats on TV, only ever need one book and new friends every day.
  7. Sub, Glad, WB, O4MN - that's 100 Guineas you owe me.

    Love it when a plan comes together !

    Influence Operations - pah we own the IPR :twisted:

    BTW - Now WB how are you coming along on `Battlespace Enviroments` ?

    I recall that Glad is working up his paper on ASTMP to present next week at Northwood and that O4MN has finished his modelling theory relating to intelligence capability and technology in the Terrestrial Environment and Lower Atmosphere Environment.

    Now when I first arrived at Ashford in the mid 70's Star taxis were..............................................................................................
  8. ......................run from the Templar Guard Room?
  9. i thought it was Templer as in Simon, not Templar as in Knights?

    or is that the old spelling lol
  10. ...................and driven by a well known SSgt RAOC instructor!

    Harumph! Pass me another humbug nurse!

    (CR you're catching us all up - there's a lot who might bracket you amongst us old 'uns).
  11. well seeing as i still remember coming to work for you straight out of the factory, i don't think we're even in the same ballpark ;)

    (that's not even mentioning the fact that you don't remember where you were in 1991, let alone who rimmed your brews.)

    don't lump me in with you, Granddad :D
  12. It was a slack handful of 2B pencils to be accurate. Anything harder the leads used to snap we wrote so fucking fast.
  13. pencils indeed. i bet you remember "signal message pads" as well. ;)
  14. 'A Large and Powerful Organisation that works within the law' as I remember and don't forget you lot had to leave your cups at work at night so don't think you weren't rimmed either - or worse!

    Youth and enthusiasm will never compensate for age and experience. Not that you were ever truly youthful (forgive the lithp - my teeth are ill fitting now).
  15. The 2Bs were best for Letrasetting. Smoother, more professional finish.

    Blanco, blanco.