PIP Implants

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by kingoffintry, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Lucky my wife doesn't have these. Au Natural
  2. If I’m following this story correctly, they decided to have elective cosmetic surgery. The implants have been found to be faulty and they want the NHS to pay to take them out!

    Yes, the company that supplied the implants is to blame and should be sued, but it shouldn’t be up to the NHS to foot the bill.

    They went private for the implant, so go private for the removal.
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  3. You've waited a year and you post that crap!

    We need proof - where's the phots of your missus bangers??? Are we gonna have to wait a year for that now? ;-)
  4. CC_TA. Sorry about my first crap post. Been a busy year getting leg amputated and 3 brain ops.
  5. CC_TA you bad bastard. I hope you feel bad and kill yourself now! ;-P
  6. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Why? Did he have implants as well?
  7. As an NHS worker, I have no problem with the NHS removing these implants. The ill effects of leaking silicon have been extensively documented and it'd be more cost effective to just remove the ******* BUT......

    ......we only remove them! We don't replace them! If you want your spaniels ears refilled, you pay for it!
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  8. Superb comment bigbird67
  9. Agree on the health benifits, but if it's due to elective cosmetic surgery, then the individuals' should pay and claim it back from the PIP company.
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  10. NHS remove, but then charge the patient/original firm?

    They elected for the surgery, the private firm (that profitted) used the wrong implants... where is the NHS responsibility?

    Future complications attributed to the (faulty) implant, can be billed tohte original 'electee' or firm.
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  11. I fancy a couple of these put in my scrotal sack.
  12. PIP Implants?

    Sluggy's dog has fake jubblies?

    It's bad enough that the poor thing's smelly and ginger...
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  13. Unfortunately Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) was was placed into liquidation in March 2010. Here our medical service is paying the cost of any operations. What will happen in other countries I do not know.
  14. Mrs kingofinfantry's fun bags apart, has anyone any experience of playing with silicon filled bangers? Do they feel ok or like a bag of Walkers ready salted?
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  15. whats the latest in this ?why were samples not taken of ongoing batches, as a matter of quality control and a register of where they ended up not in force... then any question of a production run being suspect, the individuals with those serial numbers could be contacted and cared for... rather than a statement saying all X hundred thousand or whatever may be faulty.