Discussion in 'RLC' started by mcclurg, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. After spending a week with various people from various regiments, the Pioneers looked interesting.
    My question is:

    Who are the Pioneers? What do they do? Where do they come from?

    Think of it as Blind Date here guys.
  2. (No offence intended). Jack of all trades; master of none.

    Many people are disparaging of the chunkies. Personnaly i think they positive for the RLC.

    They are like Royal Engineers, but brighter.
  3. As an officer, what potential jobs would I have?
  4. Supervising:

    The guarding of static and field locations
    The recovery of battlefield dead
    Depot/field MHE tasks
    Loading/offloading ships
    Theatre RV taskings
    All the shite that nobody else wants to pick up
  5. Not forgeting the filling of sandbags
  6. How the feck do you work that out :?
  7. ............forgot to add "Plus all the tasks that the RE get but faster and better".
  8. Digging of field latrines, dont forget that. So as an RLC (Pioneer) Officer you will be responsible for the digging of shoit holes. I always thought that those that didn't make the grade as a Chunkie became a Fat Badge, or have I been wrongly informed?

    Lights blue touch paper and retires a safe distance.................!
  9. You'd get one tour with them as a Tp Comd before carrying on to other jobs within the RLC. You can always go back at various points. I have to say that I had some blinding jobs as a Troopie, plus the opportunity to do PCBC.
  10. Cheers for the replies lads.

    As for an infantry role, I've been led to believe they do a whole lot of all that jazz - fact or fiction?
  11. The pioneers have certainly picked up some decent infantry tasks but it will come with the luck of the draw. Pioneers don't do phase 2 infantry trg anymore but can still do Junior and Senior Brecon, and as I've said officers are still expected to do PCBC. Just bear in mind they are not Infantry and if that is really the way you want to go as an officer then you could become resentful when you have to serve in other RLC units, and as such should really consider your options wisely.
  12. Is that the best bite i'm going to get?

    Come on wedgies; get outraged :wink: