Discussion in 'RLC' started by alexboro, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. what are the exact role of the pioneers?
    i am thinking of joining the army as a pioneer or a joiner.i have infomation about the joiner and what there job involves but not the pioneers.
  2. Can you grow a beard? 8O

    Seriously, top blokes Pioneers. Good luck.
  3. Most people will tell you stag on, dig holes, fill body bags etc etc. But I can tell you you get out of it what you put in.
    I had my C+E when I joined so ended up straight away on the INFRA Hydrema Plant Op course at Chatham.
    I then did an attachment to the Welsh Guards in Salisbury whilst they were on Exercise digging their trenches. I never had to pay for a beer at the end BBQ.
    I then went to Dunblane building an adventure playground at the school were the shooting was. We were made to fell very welcome by all the locals and had an excellent time.
    I did a tour with the Royal Engineers in Canada on Op Warpaint and learnt loads about operating Plant Machinery from the lads I served with.
    I did a tour in Kosovo going around the British Camps building the accomadation and setting up water storage. I didnt really do that much stagging on at all to be honest.
    My SQN did a tour in Northern Ireland driving Saxon's for the lads over there, some even got to go out on foot patrol.
    My previous SQN 518 SQN are now right in the poo on the front line with the Mercer's in Helmand Province. (There is a link on here for a sky news presentation)
    There is loads of things to do, if you are motivated.
    Good luck with your decision
  4. As an ex-pioneer myself i could not have put it better myself. As other people above have put you get out what you put in, no mater what you join.

    I had 3 1/2 great years in the Royal Pioneer Corps/Logistic corps(23 Pioneer Regt) and you can get some useful qualifications out of it.

    You will find many people will slag us off as thick chunkie's and grave diggers etc etc but these people are the people that know nothing about us.

    You could do a lot worse than join 23 Pioneer Regiment. Good luck with your army career, no matter what you join. :D
  5. Further to my last, I also did the Defence Junior Transport Operators Course and ran my SQN MT for the last year or so I was in.

    So you can pretty much put your hand to what ever you want to do
  7. cheers for that i have heard poeple slaging them off and saying that it is not a very good job.
    so thanks for that.
  8. and they'd be right!!

    only joking, fantastic blokes
  9. Now, now,

    I did more stagging on when I was driver trade at Deepcut than I ever did as a Pioneer.
  11. Something has happened to the Quote box! That Chunk remark was mine and I'm very proud of it!
  12. i would rather be a chunkie than a glorrified taxt driver or blanket stacker - i had more fun in 3 years as a chunkie than most of the rct could have in 10 years behind he wheel of their trucks munching on their yorkie bars(which they shouldnt be eatin as most of them are big girls.....)
  13. And wit speelin like dat u must of made chunkie SSM! :p
  14. so you could only manage 3 years then. I remember having a TA Chunkie working for me and I asked him to paint a Bedford Green, so he painted the Bedford green, all the bodywork, the lenses, the tyres and he even started to paint the windows, until I stopped him. :frustrated: Good worker but thick as pig sh1t.........