pioneers in the british army

is there anybody who can give me a good incite into the pioneer role in the army.And also what do you mean by stagging.
your a Sappers bitch!
I never served with Sappers so never had the pleasure of slapping one down that thought I was his bitch :lol: and I only stagged on in an infantry role, although it wasn't really an infantry role because they wouldn't give us anything belt fed or big enough to knock a tank out, they just told us we was in an infantry role to keep us quiet 8)
Always remember watching 3 RPC hammering in a fence post,2 holding it upright,1 battering with a sledgehammer (usual when I nod my head,hit it ,stuff!)Our Troopy asked the supervising sergeant if they wouldn't be better off using a monkey (ask your dad,unless we're still using them).Sergeant replies "Look Sir,I know you don't think a lot of my lads,but........ :(
It's a top job fella. Once you have dug the hole, filled all the sandbags, chucked it all together, they even let you stand in it for hours at a time.

Edit- Oh yeah and they even give you a gun now too!
Fallschirmjager said:
Wouldn't using a monkey to hit a fencepost in hurt the monkey?

A monkey wouldn't work that well either as it would be too soft.

and bendy.

I can see nothing wrong with using member of the local provost company to bash a fence post in.
Fallschirmjager said:
Wouldn't using a monkey to hit a fencepost in hurt the monkey?

A monkey wouldn't work that well either as it would be too soft.

and bendy.
What about a frozen primate? Should get a bit of work done before it defrosts
when you google P45 too as that's what you'll be needing following next years SDR!!!
had the pleasure of working with pioneers in canada building a grenade range,
one fine day i over hear the ssgt and sgt pioneer having a conflab over a tech drawing,
SSGT... I dont get it
SGT i know you cant throw a grenade 15miles.
SSGT ask that LCPL RE he will Know
SGT excuse me LCPL of the Corps of Royal Engineers your drawings that your draftsmen have made are wrong
LCPL RE really let me have a look ........they seem ok to me ,,,,
SSGT no they are not you cant throw a grenade 15 miles.
LCPL Errrrr no thats 15 meters,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

however great blokes worked hard
Chunks are top blokes, however they are prone to do EXACTLY as you tell them to do. Particularly if you piss them off.
An example of this is OP Grapple 1 where the SQMS wanted the areas doing. He aroused the said Pioneeers from their card playing and brew drinking and with the instruction 'pick it all up' off they went.

Concurrently the Clerk of Works had laid out lots of lovely string and pegs to put in some portacabins and had buggered off for a brew.

The Pioneeers came across said string and pegs and removed it all, under the watchful eyes of 2 RE full screws, sat on the back steps of their wagon, who thought the farce hilarious, especially when the CoW came back and hit 50,000ft in about 2 seconds :frustrated: . The SQMS got a bollocking, the CoW re-did his string and pegs, the 2 RE fullscrews carried on drinking their brews and the Pioneers never did areas again.

Incidentally these same pioneers were alleged to have painted the HQ & Sig Sqns RSM landrover white prior to deployment, however, they painted the inside white as well as he had said he wanted the whole thing painted.

The moral of the story, either supervise the work or don't get pissed off Pioneers to do it as they like to play on the fact that everyone thinks they're thick. And some of them aren't. Some of them. :D


Way back in 1981 I was offered the option of IJLB as RPC or LI. My mum was horrified that I would consider being a chunkie but despite the pisstaking it meant that a switched on ex junior could really do well and get in a good position to run a construction business on leaving.
I chose LI and flew nowhere! In fact the best courses I did were the B2 and B1 Assault Pioneers, different I know but still very good fun!

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