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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by drummer9, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick idea I wanted to run past you all.

    These days we are seeing other arms operating as part of inf battalions - I'm thinking of r sigs personel in particular. Does anyone think that it would be an good idea to include RLC Pioneers?

    As you know, we are already trained as 2nd line defensive infantry and are also trained as building tradesmen to a higher level than assault pioneers. That means that we could relieve infanteers in areas such as HQ defence and could also be called out far quicker and be able to deploy further forward than REs.

    What do you think?
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    People, why don't you think it's a good idea? Better surely than relying on sappers for tasks that exceed the role of assault pioneers and HQ wallahs for special defence tasks. Pioneers can do both (and probably to a better standard) and have proved ourselves up to the job in the Ghan and Iraq, as well as in Chip.
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  6. Your basic problem trigger is that it is not a new idea. The chunks have been doing it for years.

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  8. .
    Here's a little dit to help make your mind up. Op AGRICOLA, Cira 1999, and a RLC Pioneer Section were tasked to build a sandbag sangar outside a camp in Macedonia. After only a few days, the thing fell down and had to be rebuilt by a RE Geo Det.
  9. Yeah ok. Like that happened.

    Anyway, RE can't use grenades / javelin / GPMG so limited in support they can offer. Pioneers can bring that to the party.
  10. Why not? It's only a few lessons and a weapon handling test. I've done grenades and GPMG (loads of times) and I'm a Scaley Technician.
  11. Fixed that for you.

    I came 1st in year 10 with the Javelin, and the discus.
  12. .
    Give us a shovel any day. If it's good enough for the RGJ it's good enough for us Sappers.
  13. You can also bring a good line in tent erection. Your staging camp reception in Kuwait, Feb 2003 was great. No, seriously, well done.