Pioneers deploying to NI

Discussion in 'RLC' started by pioneerbob, Mar 24, 2002.

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  1. ??? Well the Pioneers are just starting to deploy to the province on tour again, To any pioneers out there who read this have a good reunion this year and well will see you all when we get back.  
  2. Deploying for what "oh sorry we do need a few gate guards" :'(
  3. they going to shoot pencils at each other again? ;D
  4. So enlighten us - just what are the pioneers doing in NI?? :eek:
  5. ::) roulement transport squadron as the truckies can't handle more than one tour every 3 years
  6. Isn't a tour of NI great?   6 months or more sat in places like Girdwood Park to support the spoilt fat sods sat in Lisburn earning all the NI pay.   Why do places that have those on two year postings end up with people deploying for six months to support them?   I thought the people posted for two years were infact meant to support those on Op Tours.

    NI sore point, I spent well over eight months in Belfast behind bars in Girdwood for Christmas and New Year while all political prisoners were let out.

    Also read in Solier Mag one lad complain about facilities and the Welfare package.   Soldier Mag then went to one of the "Slipper City" Barracks and got a load of lads to give there view.   As they were there for two years and had the finest facilities they thought it was great and could see no problem.   Go to Girdwood and ask anyone if it is great!
  7. ram it chunk the reason pioneers are over there is to try to justify some sort of existance and anyway lets talk about how many saxons you lot rolled.
    dont slag of lads who come from one tour have 4-6 months off and go some where else get posted have maybe 2 months at home and go some where else you dick. its easy sat at bicster for 22 yrs as a tom go dig a hole.
    in iraq you had to have a job made up for you as well

    oh and by the way having a susat doesent make you anywhere near the Infantry. face it you are still a bunch of thick navies. Do your NCO's still get money so that they can read and write all their sections letters for them? or can you all attend reading and writing lessons free of charge? if not try this for size

    dont slag lads who are on there straps
  8. Hay, is the MOD now issuing NI certificates now that nothings happening out there instead of medals. I must admit of all the tours I done as a driver RCT/RLC, 6 in all, I did see the pioneer corps out there. Now where were they, ah yes. Gate guard at Lisburn, Building sangers in Cross Maglen, gate guard 2nd line wks, er, hold on I'm thinking, nop, thats it.
  9. the medals are alledgedly stopping in september
  10. We need chunkeys back in Aldergrove

    no fat chicks have been f**ked to death for ages now........

  11. These guys are only as good as the folks that manage and deploy them.

    At Lisburn they were undervalued and not managed right, to the stage where they became duty-scapegoats.

    At Ay Nik they were the best thing since sliced bread, we only lost them because big top level army could not either see their value, or be bothered fight the sky blue borg collective.

    ( Ooops, there goes another Army Accreditor's post to the RAF...)
  12. Hmm - pot calling the kettle a ******* coon, methinks. Spelling? Grammar? Epic fail.

    For your information, you trog ****, we are far from just being 'navies'. These days, everyone is trained in a craft skill, be in brickying or chippying or whatever. And we are officially classed as defensive infantry - not because we have SUSATs but because of things like Javelen and GPMG.

    Bit more of a skill set than driving a 4 tonner, eh?
  13. Javelin, really, are you sure?

    Do Pioneers go to ITC(C) and complete the Combat Infantrymans Course?

    Do they go to the Support Weapons School?
  14. ******* 'ell Trigger, only 6 wanking years too late, you must be putting Popeye to shame by now!!??
  15. Be honest, you were drawn into that without reading dates, wasn't you.